You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 39.2 - World Harmony 2/2

Chapter 39 – World Harmony 2/2

“Brother-in-law, let’s eat fish, that shop over there seems quite decent.” Qing Yutong pointed to a shop that was not far away, the shop’s name was ‘World Harmony’! The decoration of the outside of the shop was not bad, making the shop seemed very impressive.

Ye Hua asked Qing Ya, “Fish?”


Eating fish was quite beneficial for a pregnant woman, Ye Hua brought along the two sisters and walked towards the shop. While walking towards the shop, the men that were on the street wished that they could kill Ye Hua. Beautiful women are already a sparse species, let alone two beautiful twin sisters, which are definitely within the sparse of sparse, and yet, this man actually has two beautiful twin sisters, with one of the women having an imposing aura, and the other seemingly sexy and beautiful at the same time. These two women, what are they if they are not goddesses that fell from heaven?

Walking into the shop, the shop’s business was indeed quite good, and the decoration was also very nice. Near the shop’s doorway, fishes that were pleasurable to look at were placed there. Of course, the fishes were not meant to only be looked at and can be ordered, just that the price of those fishes were expensive.

“Is there a private room available?” Qing Ya asked indifferently.

The attendant was still astonished by Qing Ya’s appearance and still had not snapped out of it. Actually, all of the men that were in the shop were all looking towards this direction. Are you guys looking at the beautiful twin sisters? And as for the women, they were all looking at Ye Hua, and their saliva was almost about to drip into their bowl.

“I’m sorry, the private rooms are all full, only the table that is at the corner is left right now.” The female attendant was evidently not very confident. It was mainly because Qing Ya’s aura was too strong, the aura that Qing Ya was emitting out made it seemed as if she was trying to negotiate a deal.

Looking towards the table that was at the corner, it was actually really right by the corner.

When has Ye Hua and Qing Ya ever sat on this kind of seat, thus, both of them came into a consensus at the same time, leave the shop.

However, Qing Yutong already walked to the table, thus, what else could Ye Hua and Qing Ya do, leave Qing Yutong alone? Doing that seems a bit undue.

“Yutong, let’s change a place to eat at.” Qing Ya sat down and said indifferently.

Qing Yutong looked at the menu and said, “For what, sitting in the corner is good, it can prevent others from recognizing who I am. What’s more, since this place is packed with people, the fish must be good. Take a look, for the food to actually be so excessively expensive, the food must definitely taste delicious.”

“Your so-called delicious means expensive?” Qing Ya said with a black face.

“You get what you pay for after all right, if the food doesn’t taste delicious, we can just complain and make a scene later on. Brother-in-law, am I correct?” Qing Yutong seemed to be wanting to find trouble.

Ye Hua did not really care and said calmly, “You two can do whatever you two pleases.”

“Wow, there is actually caviar chocolate pudding here, big sister, quickly take a look at it!” Qing Yutong seemed to be very excited, and Qing Ya’s interest also got piqued as she took over the menu and look at it. This shop which seems nothing out of the ordinary actually has this many high quality food!

The making of this high quality caviar chocolate pudding is extremely difficult, and the ingredients used are of course all of the best quality, but this price is indeed not something that an ordinary people would be able to afford, just one of this caviar chocolate pudding alone already cost close to 200k rmb!

“Brother-in-law, take a look at this, bluefin tuna, it has been a very long time since I last ate it. They even have gooseneck barnacles and two head abalones. Big sister, just who is the person who opened this shop, to actually have this many formidable dishes.” Qing Yutong was already counted as an international celebrity and the amount of exotic delicacies that she had eaten was a lot, but right now, even she herself was surprised.

Just take this bluefin tuna for example, a 100 kg+ bluefin tuna was worth around 4million rmb. On the other hand, gooseneck barnacles have the name of ‘seafood gold’, with 500g of it costing up to 10k+ rmb. And in actuality, the most expensive menu item was that caviar chocolate pudding. The caviar that was used for the caviar chocolate pudding was the Almas Caviar which was extremely rare. The selling price of a kg of Almas Caviar was 200k rmb.

“Broher-in-law, what are you being in a daze for, quickly start ordering the dishes.” Qing Yutong said.

Ye Hua has finally first hand experienced the meaning of the word ‘rich’. Just this meal alone, it would most likely cost a few million rmb. This shop is very interesting!

“Are you two sure that you two want to order such expensive dishes?” Ye Hua asked while feeling a bit heart-pain. It must be known that, Ye Hua normally orders food delivery, which usually cost 10+ rmb only, and when he ordered impulsively, the most it would cost was also only 100+ rmb. Just this meal alone at this shop was going to cost up to a million rmb, and it was only just one meal, just thinking about it made Ye Hua feel heart-pain.

Seems like Ye Hua had really changed during these five years, he had become to know how to housekeep and save money.

In the end, it was all just due to habits. In the past, Ye Hua totally did not have to care about money at all. However, when he came to this world, then did he know that, money can come in fast, but it must be legal.

Ye Hua felt that this kind of lifestyle was interesting, and thus had never change it. So, as time passes, he slowly got used to it.

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