You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 35 - An acting cool tool that delivers itself to one’s doorstep

Chapter 35 – An acting cool tool that delivers itself to one’s doorstep

“Who is willing to hug you, narcissist!” Qing Ya hugged onto the quilt tightly and had her back faced towards Ye Hua. No matter what, I won’t roll over to him tonight.

“Remember to off your phone.”

“I offed it already!”

“Remember to wake up earlier to buy breakfast.”

“I know!”

“Don’t pant when you are sleeping.”

“Ye Hua! Are you looking to start a fight with me, don’t think that I’m afraid of you!”

“Off the light, sleep!” Ye Hua said calmly and had already lied down and closed his eyes, not intending to reply to Qing Ya, causing Qing Ya to be angered to the point that she wanted to choke Ye Hua to death.

After turning off the bedroom light, Qing Ya let out a breath and stroke her stomach with both of her hands. My baby, in order to give birth to you, your mommy has truly suffered a great deal of suffering, your daddy doesn’t care in the least bit for your mommy…not even allowing mommy hug him for a bit, mommy is used to having to hug something when she sleeps…this scoundrel!

Within Yangshan City, which was located at the perimeters of Long’an City, a BMW M6 sped on the driveway of a suburb. The person that was driving the car was a young and beautiful woman, her appearance was extremely beautiful, and her figure was also extremely curvy, this woman was a beautiful woman that was hard to come by.

Sitting at her side was the Long Aotian who used ground evading talisman to escape a while back. It must be said that, what happened afterward was a perfect chance encounter. Long Aotian had to give his thanks to those gangsters, if not for them, he wouldn’t be able to meet with such a chance encounter.

Also, this Gu Tiantian’s background is not small too, belonging to Yangshan City’s well-known Gu Family. Although Gu Family is not that strong like Qing Family, but Gu Family is nonetheless still an outstanding company in the southern part, her criteria are enough to be a member of I, Long Aotian’s harem!

“Tiantian, you should believe me now right.” Long Aotian said complacently, I had just taken a trip to Gu Tiantian’s home and casually showed off my skills for a bit, my medical expertise had shocked them to the point that they were all dumbfounded, and that quack was also kicked out of Gu Family, seems like I am still very strong, the situation at Qing Family today was just an accident only.

Furthermore, the expression of Gu Tiantian’s parents when they looked at me was just like they were looking at their future son-in-law, this feels so great, a man who is capable will get discovered no matter where he goes, it can only be blamed on I, Long Aotian, being just too outstanding.

Don’t see that Gu Tiantian is having an aloof expression, but in actual fact, her heart had already fallen for me, she is only just maintaining a woman’s reserve for now, and in just a few days, I will be able to take her down and make her a member of my harem.

“Tiantian, what do you think of me, I am quite decent right?” Long Aotian smiled lightly, looking very gentleman-like, but in actual fact, he had a bunch of bad thoughts in his mind.

Gu Tiantian snorted, “Don’t think that just because you cured my father, I will let bygones be bygones!”

“Aiyo, I also didn’t mean to do it, it was just an accident, how about I let you take a look at my body and we will both be equals.”

“Shameless~” Gu Tiantian scolded bashfully.

Take a look, take a look, and she still says that she has not fallen for me, her face has already gotten red. Sigh, women! They are always saying things that don’t truly mean. Qing Ya, you will definitely regret it! You are not the only woman in this world, there is a bunch of women lining up waiting for me, Long Aotian!

“Tiantian, uncle told us to properly interact with each other just now, you see, since I don’t have a place to go to, and your house is that big, how about you bestow me a room?”

Gu Tiantian feigned anger coquettishly, “Long Aotian! Can you not be that shameless, because of you, my dad thought that I have something going on with you.”

“We both indeed have something going on, I have seen your body, if placed in ancient times, I would have to marry you~”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! I’m going to fight you to the death~”


Long Aotian felt incredibly great, that’s right, this is the tempo, if this continues, perhaps I will even be able to settle her tonight, tsk tsk tsk, it is always like this for an excellent man, chasing after girls are but a matter of me gesturing at them with my finger.

However, right when Long Aotian was being immeasurably pleased with himself, his entire body suddenly leaned forward, and the sound of the tires rubbing against the floor rang out in his ears. Luckily he had his seatbelt on, if not, his entire body would have flew out.

Rubbing his head, Long Aotian asked, “Tiantian, why did you stop the car so suddenly, I know that you dislike me, but isn’t this too exaggerating already?”

Gu Tiantian’s eyes revealed panic as she pointed towards the front of the car and wasn’t able to speak.

Long Aotian looked towards the direction that she was pointing at, a person could be seen standing in front of the car. The person’s entire body was completely covered up by black cloth, and there was a dagger at the person’s waist, evidently someone that has no good intentions.

“Tiantian, is that your enemy coming to look for you?” Long Aotian asked curiously, totally not taking the matter to mind.

Gu Tiantian shook her head, “Where do I even have any enemy, I also didn’t provoke anyone or cause any trouble!”

“Perhaps it is your family’s enemy then, however, this doesn’t matter at all, what can I do about the fact that I am a good guy, not only did I help cured your father’s sickness, I even have to help your family chase their enemy away, Tiantian, how are you going to repay me, how about you give your heart to me?” Long Aotian laughed, appearing very relaxed.

Upon seeing how calm Long Aotian was, Gu Tiantian also let out a breath of relief, and didn’t felt that scared anymore.

“Can you be a bit more serious!” Gu Tiantian feigned anger coquettishly, this man is indeed very mystical, but he is too flirtatious already and doesn’t feel reliable.

Long Aotian fiddled with his hairstyle for a bit, “The me right now is definitely serious, watch how I help you chase your family’s enemy away!”

“You…you be careful a bit…” Gu Tiantian warned.

“Having the concern of a beautiful woman, no matter how hard the matter is, I, Long Aotian would still accomplish the matter no matter what, all just for getting you to smile.”

“Stupid, what time is it already and you are still speaking!” Gu Tiantian was drunk already, however, her heart was feeling quite warm.

Death Assassin stared at the man within the car, I finally found the target, master said that this man is a bit formidable, but why am I not able to sense that at all, and right now, this man is still in the car flirting with the woman.


Death Assassin smashed his fist onto the car hood, then gestured with his finger towards Long Aotian.

The huge sound gave Gu Tiantian a shock, looking at the concaved car hood, her body couldn’t help but trembled as she said trembling, “This person is looking for you, you quickly get off the car.”

“Eh…” Long Aotian was immediately dazed, the person that this person came for is actually me? The power of that fist is not bad, however, that fist is but nothing to me. Just like that quack, this person is just here for me to act cool, then afterward, I will be able to conquer the beautiful woman! This feels great! A golden opportunity bestowed by heaven!

“Tiantian, don’t be afraid, stay carefully in the car, I will settle everything.” Long Aotian kept his smile and said solemnly. This steadiness of the tone made Gu TIantian believed in him, right now, I will rely everything on Long Aotian.

Opening the door, Long Aotian took out a stick of cigarette. Although this move was learned from someone else, but this move feels very good, it seems to be raising my coolness level…Gu Tiantian who is within the car, she must definitely be looking at me with sparkling eyes and worshipping me right now!

“Who are you?!” Long Aotian let out a puff of smoke and asked arrogantly.

Death Assassin was only able to think but not able to speak, and thus stood and remained silent.

“Fuck, a mute? Forget it! Dealing with you is not a hard thing at all, but it is better to not let a lady witness a bloody scene, let us move a bit further from here.” Long Aotian flicked the cigarette butt, this movement is of mine is truly handsome.

Death Assassin silently followed after Long Aotian, appearing a bit endearingly silly.

Long Aotian also had this kind of feeling, could this guy be a fool?!

Arriving at a place that was not too far from the car, Long Aotian took a look at the car, after feeling that at this distance, Gu Tiantian would still be able to see him, then did he felt at ease. I cannot let her see the ruthless scene that will unfold soon, but I have to show her how strong I am, this distance is just nice, even If I beat the guy and blood spattered around, she also wouldn’t be able to clearly see it.

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