Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1497 - Chapter 1497 Despicable as a Dog!

Chapter 1497 Despicable as a Dog!

Today, Li Jue was dressed in white clothes that outshone the snow, appearing simple yet exuding an ethereal elegance. Standing with his hands behind his back outside the courtyard, he looked tall and straight. With his sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, along with a warm smile on his face, he was truly a striking figure, earning the favor of those who looked upon him.

However, Mo Tianji was apparently not impressed by Li Jue’s appearance. After all, when it came to handsome men, Mo Tianji had seen plenty. Which one of his brothers wasn’t a handsome man? Not to mention that among them, Xie Danqiong was so beautiful that he could be described as ‘peerless elegance.’

Although Li Jue was quite good-looking, he was a notch below Xie Danqiong and even Gu Duxing. Not to mention, Chu Yang, who claimed to be the most handsome and suave man in the world. In Mo Tianji’s eyes, Li Jue wasn’t even as good-looking as Tan Tan.

So, the first thing he said was a direct question for Li Xiongtu. Li Jue had clearly prepared for this question, “Brother Mo, Xiongtu was sent on a mission by our family and will be back soon. I volunteered to greet you and accompany you to the main hall.”

Mo Tianji responded indifferently, “Young Master Li is too polite. However, I wonder what important matter requires interrupting our brotherly gathering?”

Li Jue chuckled and lowered his voice, speaking in a mysterious and playful manner, “Well, no one else can help with this. Huanhuan’s family has arrived, and Xiongtu has gone to greet them. Haha… do you understand?”

Mo Tianji didn’t find the joke amusing. A cold light flashed in his eyes, “So, did Huanhuan go as well?”

Li Jue smiled, “No, they are about to get married, and Huanhuan’s constitution isn’t very good. It’s better for her to stay here and recuperate. When Xiongtu returns, it’ll be a surprise for her.” He winked, “Brother Mo, girls love surprises, you know.”

Mo Tianji smiled faintly, “Indeed, it’s a considerate effort. Haha…”

Li Xiongtu said, “Brother Mo, please. My father and the others have been eagerly waiting. Now, let me witness Brother Mo’s ability to control the clouds and rain, and defeat Diwu Qingrou!”

Mo Tianji took two steps forward, “Ao Xieyun, I’m a bit worried about leaving Huanhuan alone here. Stay with her, will you?”

Li Jue’s face changed slightly, “This… might not be appropriate? After all, men and women should maintain their distance…”

Ao Xieyun laughed, “Young Master Li might not be aware of the bond between us brothers. There would be no suspicion even if we were in the same room with Huanhuan, let alone just in the same courtyard as her.”

Li Jue gave a dry laugh and enviously said, “I truly admire such brotherly affection…”

Mo Tianji smiled faintly, “Let’s go.”

Li Jue felt a sense of awkwardness, but maintained his refined demeanor, smiling gracefully, “Brother Mo, please.”

Mo Tianji suddenly stopped and asked with a smile, “May I ask how old Young Master Li is?”

Li Jue’s face turned a bit gray, “I have wasted thirty-six years.”

Mo Tianji said indifferently, “Oh, you’re thirty-six and I’m only twenty-two. If we were to consider age, I should actually call you uncle. Now, hearing you call me elder brother feels rather strange.”

Rui Butong burst into laughter at the side, gasping for breath.

A hint of barely concealed anger flashed in Li Jue’s eyes. He said, “But Brother Mo’s achievements are such that even those who have lived for tens of thousands of years cannot compare. There is no distinction in learning; the accomplished are the great ones.”

Mo Tianji replied lightly, “Indeed.”

Rui Butong chuckled at the side, “Young Master Li, in that case, how much higher do you think Mo Tianji is compared to you? At least a few years’ worth of skill, right?”

Suppressing his anger, Li Jue said, “A few years’ worth of skill would be an understatement for Brother Mo. In terms of strategy, Brother Mo is at least ten thousand years ahead of me without a doubt. His genius is known throughout the world; there’s no need for further debate.”

Rui Butong laughed heartily, “If he’s more than ten thousand years ahead of you, then you shouldn’t call him Brother Mo. You should call him ancestor! Ancestor Mo!”

Furious, Li Jue responded coldly, “May I ask, how far behind is Brother Rui compared to Brother Mo?”

Rui Butong grinned slyly, “Mo Tianji is far behind me, at least by several years of skill!”

Mo Tianji nodded, “That’s right, Butong is much stronger than me. As for Brother Li, you might be overestimating me just a little.”

The implication was clear: Yes, I’m modest. I definitely haven’t surpassed you by over ten thousand years, but I’m confident I’ve surpassed you by eight or nine thousand years. So, calling me ancestor doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Li Jue was no fool; he understood Mo Tianji’s hidden meaning. A sharp light flashed in his eyes, and he secretly swore: Damn it, don’t think you’re so amazing just because you’re one of the Nine Tribulations. When Li Xiongtu dies and I become one of the Nine Tribulations, I’ll see if I don’t take care of you two bastards!

The three of them continued walking with pleasant smiles on their faces.

Rui Butong whispered to Mo Tianji, “I thought you were going to play along and deceive him…”

Mo Tianji sighed, “Li Xiongtu is a hero. Although I need to use him, I mustn’t lose respect. Moreover, I want to do what little I can to help him fulfill his wish.”

He paused, then continued, “There must always be a bottom line when dealing with people.”

Rui Butong sneered, “But it seems that your efforts are in vain now.”

Mo Tianji’s voice remained steady as he whispered back, “Even if I can’t secure his support, it’s better than having a fly buzzing around me all the time… Li Jue is very ambitious… When Li Xiongtu’s situation becomes uncontrollable, it won’t be too late to play along and deceive him then.”

Rui Butong was astonished, “But we’ve already offended Li Jue to death, so how can he…”

Mo Tianji coldly smiled, “Li Jue is now like a dog. As long as I have meat in my hand, even if I were to kick him hundreds of times, when he wants to eat, he will wag his tail before me. He comes when called and leaves when dismissed, just like that.”

On one side, Li Jue looked at Rui Butong, who was suddenly beaming with joy, and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Rui, what has made you so happy?”

Rui Butong stifled his laughter and said, “I was reminded of a dog I had as a child, a very obedient one. It was a good dog.”

Li Jue nodded, “Indeed, sometimes, a dog that you’ve raised can be more reliable than a person.”

Rui Butong repeatedly nodded, “Yes, yes.”

Then he sent a message to Mo Tianji, “Where do you think Li Xiongtu has been arranged to go?”

Mo Tianji replied, “The mission this time should be genuine; however, as long as Li Xiongtu goes on one mission, there will be endless missions waiting for him… One day, he will be killed by the Li family… It’s certain. If Li Jue didn’t come today, Li Xiongtu would be fine; but since Li Jue has come, it means that the Li family already wants to give up on Li Xiongtu!”

“But why did you ask Ao Xieyun to stay?” Rui Butong was puzzled.

“To cause its destruction, one must first drive it to madness.” Mo Tianji said gravely, “Meng Huanhuan is Li Xiongtu’s weakness. Li Xiongtu might not face any significant danger in the short term, but the Li family could strike against Meng Huanhuan at any time. If Meng Huanhuan dies, Li Xiongtu will certainly collapse… At that time, he will seek his own death in battle without anyone framing him…”

Rui Butong uttered an “Oh,” suddenly enlightened.

Mo Tianji said indifferently, “However, the more despicable and shameless the Li family is, the more I like it. Because it makes it easier for me to use them without any psychological burden!”

Rui Butong said fiercely, “Let these scum die!”

Mo Tianji nodded nonchalantly, “Of course.”


When Ao Xieyun entered, Meng Huanhuan was embroidering a handkerchief. Ao Xieyun stood five feet away, admiring her work, and said, “Little sister is really skilled and clever.”

Meng Huanhuan let out a sound, stood up, and asked, “Brother Ao, you didn’t go with them?”

Ao Xieyun smiled, “I’m tired and need to rest for a while.”

Meng Huanhuan replied, “I see. Let me serve you some tea.”

Ao Xieyun said, “No need.” Then, as if remembering something, he said, “You are very elegant and well-mannered, clearly a lady from a good family. Who else is in your family?”

Meng Huanhuan replied, “Brother Ao is joking. I’m just an ordinary girl. My parents are still alive, but they are old and have no cultivation, so they are living somewhere else for the time being.”

Ao Xieyun, with great interest, said, “So, they must not be living far away?”

Meng Huanhuan smiled faintly, “Well, it’s not too far, but not too close either; about three hundred miles away.”

Ao Xieyun gave a hum, probing for more information with a casual air. However, Meng Huanhuan was no match for Ao Xieyun’s experience, and within a few words, he had drawn out all the information he needed from her.

Ao Xieyun then excused himself and returned to his room to ponder. With his Supreme Divine Sense, he enveloped the entire courtyard.

Ao Xieyun was well aware of his duty.


“Three armies?” Mo Tianji looked at the enemy distribution map in front of him, as intelligence reports fluttered like snowflakes. He spread them out one by one, separating them with a few thin steel needles, categorizing and pinning them together.

At this move alone, Li Wubo and the others from the Li family felt a chill in their hearts.

As expected, he was extraordinary. With just a single move, Mo Tianji had made the confusing situation crystal clear.

“The Shi family is heading here, the Xiao family is moving this way, and the Chen family is over here…” Mo Tianji furrowed his brow, saying, “The Chen family is a separate force, but the routes of the Shi and Xiao families are separated only by two mountains.”

“And in these three locations, there are Li family members guarding. Judging by this situation and momentum, Diwu Qingrou probably only wants to uproot one of these places, it’s absolutely impossible for them to uproot all three!” Mo Tianji mused.

“Yes, we have been considering that the enemy’s target should be just one of these locations,” Li Wubo said. “This tactic has been used by the other side multiple times. However, each time we respond, we make mistakes, and we can never reach their main force. By the time we come to our senses, it’s already too late.”

Mo Tianji indifferently replied, “They were always capable of changing at any moment.”

Having said that, his finger slowly moved across the map, suddenly stopping at a specific location, and he declared, “Here!”

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