The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1936 - 1936 Hair Tonic (1)

1936 Hair Tonic (1)

Qi Xin and Gu Guanlin did not expect Qi Xibei’s attack to be so fierce.

Before this, Qi Xibei had always been very gentle.


Therefore, they did not expect her to be so fast and accurate when she really took action!

Now, everyone believed Qi Xibei’s words and stood on her side. They were all clamoring to punish Yang Mo severely.

Qi Xin could not help but worry that Qi Xibei’s next target…It was her, right?

However, it was fine. She still had the old master on hand, so she was not worried that Qi Xibei would do anything overboard.

If she wanted to do something, she could just summon the old man and Qi Xibei would be under her control.

It was because of the old man’s support that Qi Xin was not so nervous.

Of course, she also had Ling Juan’s support.

If it weren’t for Ling Juan, their operation wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

However, no matter how much Qi Xin comforted herself, she could not stop Qi Xibei’s actions.

After Yang Mo was captured, Qi Xin realized that the situation was not good.

Recently, the Qiao family introduced many new materials, which changed technology’s current structure.

It could be said that the Qiao’s Group had successfully gained everyone’s attention because of these materials, and it had even led to new developments.

Apart from Qiao Yanjue, Qi Xibei did not stop working either.

Hongyan Youth was the first to take action.

Hongyan Youth was Qi Xibei’s business. After the previous scandal, its sales had increased rapidly.

Everyone knew that Hongyan Youth’s products were all developed by Qi Xibei, and the effects were guaranteed.

Unexpectedly, Hongyan Youth quickly launched a new category.

Hongyan Youth’s previous products were mainly for beauty, but this time, they launched a special product: a hair tonic.

In fact, Hongyan Youth had already planned to release a hair tonic before this. When Qi Xibei was overseas, she had even recommended it to the male actor in her own production team.

After the other party used the hair tonic, he was immediately shocked and even recommended it to his friends.

It could be said that the hair tonic was better sold overseas than in Hua.

They were supposed to advertise and promote this product.

However, due to a series of events, the plan was temporarily put on hold.

But this time, the Hongyan Youth Company officially launched an advertisement for a hair tonic. The most amazing thing was that the spokesperson of the hair tonic this time was Kallas!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Kallas on the screen.

He was actually the spokesperson?

The scariest thing was that the advertisement even showed his previous hairstyle.

Everyone could clearly see that his previous hairstyle was terrifying.

His hairstyle was M-shaped, and his hairline was very high. People couldn’t help but worry that he would go bald in the next second. Moreover, he didn’t have much hair.

But now, with just a flip of his hair, one could see his enviable volume. At the same time, his hairline had also come down.

It was like wearing a wig.

It could be said that he looked a few years younger!

And all of this was brought about by the hair tonic!

Callas’s fans were shocked. They dug up Callas’s previous photos and were surprised to find that he wore a hat every time he went out recently.

His hair problem had existed for a long time. Everyone knew that he had spent a lot of time and energy on his hair, and it had become a problem.

Everyone naturally thought that he had been wearing a hat recently to cover his withering hairline.

But now, it seemed that he wanted to give everyone a surprise!

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