Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Showing the happiness and making things difficult

April 16, 2017Ai Hrist

Lin Chujiu is not a god, so even if her willpower is strong and even if she is unhappy to go to the palace. She couldnt change that fact on her own.

The next day, the sun is not yet rising but Lin Chujiu was already got pulled in the dressing the room. Lin Chujiu understand that visiting the palace is not a simple issue, so she shouldnt have a disgraceful appearance. Lin Chujiu patiently wait for her four maidservants to finished her makeup, while some of them even tried to put a makeup on themselves to send her to the palace.

After they finished her makeup and help her wear her dress, she transform into a dignified, elegant and beautiful young lady. At that moment, they couldnt help but praise Lin Chujiu: Beautiful!

Originally, the original owner of the body have a good appearance. Her skin is so white and her body is slender but curvaceous. And although her face doesnt look that gorgeous, but the atmosphere around her face looks the same with the empress.

Lin Chujiu knew that the upbringing to the original owner of the body is good, but her two faced stepmother deliberately choose a tasteless matching of clothes for her. While she usually choose plain white colored clothes for her half sister.

So in the end, even if all her clothes have a good quality of fabric. Once she wears them, it doesnt fit to her appearance and will only put her in disadvantage. And although the quality looks much better to her half-sister, but she will only look laughable if she will stand beside her.

Wangfei, you really look so beautiful. Zhenhu and Manao couldnt help but praise her again.

After all, Lin Chujiu only wear a plain decent dress most of the time. Although she also looks good with those casual dresses. But now, she looks totally different.

Now, Lin Chujiu really have an appearance of a real princess.

Pretty good. Lin Chujiu look at herself in the bronze mirror to see her appearance. She wanted to see if she really look beautiful and nice. But then, she just nodded her head in satisfaction.

Today, she will enter the palace. So, she decided that no matter what the people of the palace think about her, she will show them that she is happy and living well now that she is married to Prince Xiao.

So, in order to prove it to them and to her enemies. Lin Chujiu did not only decide to wear a beautiful dress, but also wear an expensive jade pearls jewelry.

And now, Lin Chujius hands have big round pearls. Personally, she wont bother to buy such jewelry. But, her maidservants has prepared them for her. They brought this jewelry for her to wear in the palace so that palace eunuch and maidservants could see.

Lin Chujiu is a person that know how to be thankful. So, no matter how poor she is in Xiao Wangfu and no matter how bad Xiao Tianyao is to her. She wouldnt tell or complain to any outsiders.

Especially, in the palace. She will only show them the best side of being married to Prince Xiao so that the people would know that she was having a good life, that she is very happy and that Prince Xiao is very important to her.

After all, her family wont support her, so she could only rely to Xiao Tianyao in the capital. Lin Chujiu wont be despised by the people from the outside of the capital, but inside the imperial city the people wont dare to belittle her as long as she is under Prince Xiaos name.

Crying could get sympathy from the people. But, can sympathy turn into a penny? And what will happen next after she gets the peoples sympathy?

After a while, someone reported that the carriage is ready. At that moment, Lin Chujius eyes got sharp and lightly lifted her right hand to hold Manaos arm. Then, she coldly and proudly said: Lets go.

The original owner of the bodys etiquette is good, so Lin Chujiu decided to bargain and picked up some cheap gestures on her memory. And although her gestures are not that elegant and decent just like the owner, but the atmosphere around her is too strong!

Why do I feel like wangfei will go to a battlefield?

Wangfei looks so scary, I cant even dare to look up.

Shanhu and Feicui tried to calm down themselves, but their heart is still busy to beat so fast

Housekeeper Cao remains standing at the gate and watch the carriage as it goes away. His heart has a lingering feeling of fear, so he wanted to go and see Prince Xiao terribly as soon as possible!

Housekeeper Cao slowly calms down himself when he arrived at Xiao Tianyaos courtyard. Then, he reported every word and every action of Lin Chujiu. Xiao Tianyao reveals a rare smile and praise her: Shes really smart.

She knows how to borrow the tigers power to protect herself.

When Housekeeper Cao saw Xiao Tianyao was in a good mood, he boldly said: Wangye, rest assured. Wangfei wont let herself get bullied or suffer in the palace.

The smile on Xiao Tianyaos face immediately faded: Benwang never got worried about her!

Yes, yes, its this slaves big mouths mistake. Housekeeper Cao immediately silence himself. When he got out from Xiao Tianyaos courtyard, thats only when he dared to whisper complaints inside his mind: You said you never got worried? If you never got worried, why did you commanded wangfeis maidservants to prepare expensive clothes and jewelries for her?

If youre not worried, then why did you deliberately instructed those guardsmen to help wangfei enter the palace safely?

If youre not worried, why did you commanded Zhenzhu and Manao to accompany wangfei into the palace?

Obviously, inside your heart you got worried, but you just dont want to admit it in your mouth. Wangye is not cute at all.

After complaining, Housekeeper Caos heart feel more comfortable so he decided to visit Cao Lin.

Wangfei is a good and beautiful lady. She usually has an accommodating personality. So, going out for a tea party at times is not a problem. This time, the emperors decision to let her get married in Xiao Wangfu is right.

This is what Housekeeper Cao think about Lin Chujiu. But


In the palace. Lin Chujiu was standing outside the palace gate, while coldly confronting the palace guard: How dare you to stop a princess from entering? Your courage is big!

I ask Princess Xiao to forgive us, but we were only following the rules. The palace guard was kneeling beside Lin Chujius carriage. But, although he was kneeling, it can be seen that he doesnt really put Lin Chujiu in his eyes.

Rules? You told me to get off from the carriage and just walk. Are those rules? Whos the palace general that made such rules? Lin Chujiu was really tired to argue. But, how could they ask her to get off? She decided to get soft with them, but how could they just pinch her temper.

Wangfei, dont get angry, this slave will teach those palace guards a lesson on your behalf. Zhenzhu softly said because she got afraid. Who knows if Lin Chujiu might suddenly decide to beat up those palace guards due to her anger.

And also they dont want to see their wangfei attack on her own when they can personally do it.

Lin Chujiu look at Zhenzhu and smile, but she didnt say a word.

But, why would a palace guard put Xiao Wangfus maidservant in his eyes when he didnt even put Lin Chujiu who is a Princess in his eyes?

Sure enough, the palace guards didnt give Zhenzhu a face and still insisted for Lin Chujiu to get off and directly walk into the palace.

Theres nothing wrong in getting off if shes just any ordinary person, but she is Princess Xiao so why does she need to get off to enter the palace?

Is this a joke?

Things doesnt look the same and Zhenzhus expression in the face also change in their injustice treatment. So, Lin Chujiu get off from the carriage and waved her hand to Zhenzhu for her to back off. The palace guards thought that Lin Chujiu will now finally compromised. However, Lin Chujiu suddenly lifted up her skirt and kicked the palace guard in front of her: Your just a palace dog, but you dare to embarrass a Princess. Seriously, since when did such things got allowed?

The palace guard who was kneeling fell on the ground, he didnt expect that Lin Chujiu will kick him. So, he got surprised and angry. He clutches his chest and said: Princess Xiao, even if you are a princess you cannot just discriminate and started beating up a person. Today, I was just doing my duty. I will seek for justice.

Justice? Well then, this princess will give you justice. Lin Chujius face turns dark: Come.

Wangfei, Prince Xiaos guardsmen approached Lin Chujiu and respectfully salute.

Lin Chujiu completely ignored the palace guard who felt injustice and said: These palace guards intended to assassinate me. So, tie them up and send them to the Court of Justice, Privy Council or Control Yuan. Tell them that Princess Xiao had sent these palace guards because they had tried to kill me.

Anyway, Xiao Tianyao had done the same thing before and she knows that Xiao Tianyao doesnt see the emperor in his eyes. So, what is there to be afraid of!?

Princess Xiao, you cant just slander us. The palace guards facial expression completely change. He didnt expect that Lin Chujiu would be so shameless.

Cant I? Why? Who are you anyway to dare to stop me? The Princess is slandering you? I didnt do that. I just said that you tried assassinating me, so you really tried! That bastard Xiao Tianyao said that she is representing him, so why would she get scared?

Tie them! Lin Chujiu moved aside, while Prince Xiaos guardsmen came forward to tie those palace guards. But, Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui came with a group of people

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