Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: No heir and as good as waste

March 12, 2017Ai Hrist

Housekeeper Cao is a kind person, but he doesnt know what Lin Chujius real situation

For Lin Chujiu, whether Lin Family Mansions servants are humane or not, its still the same. After all, if their master dictates it, they wouldnt hesitate to follow their order and kill her.

But now, Lin Chujiu has decided to stay under Xiao Tianyao and do her best to this world. Moreover, its not like she could still stay around the Lin Family. She and Lin Furen (Madam) had confronted each other. She also took a large sum of money to her as her dowry. So, Lin Furen (Madam) will never leave her alone.

Lin Chujiu wouldnt let the Lin Familys servants stay by her side and let Xiao Tianyao doubt her again. She would rather not do anything. Anyway, the Crown Prince is her fathers future son-in-law. So, he definitely wouldnt side with her. He might even use her as a sacrifice and ask her to kill Xiao Tianyao.

And instead of making the people in Prince Xiaos Mansion confused. Its better not to meet those people and let them see that she is still close to her stepmother and she still the vicious eldest miss of Lin Family.

Lin Chujiu refused Housekeeper Caos good intentions so that he would send back those people right away. Of course, when she sent them back she should make a big noise. So that those people who love to watch a good show will start gossiping that the people Lin Furen (Madam) had arranged as part of her eldest daughters dowry were refused by Prince Xiaos Mansion.

When Housekeeper Cao heard Lin Chujius words, his face looks so surprised.

Housekeeper Cao had aged a lot, but he hasnt seen any young lady that after getting married had started to fight their own family. This girl doesnt act like the usual eldest miss of Lin Family.

Since Lin Chujiu had said so, he didnt try to persuade her once again. Before, he tried to advise her because Lin Chujiu save his son, Cao Lin. But, that was only his selfish thought.

Although Housekeeper Cao couldnt say thanks on the surface, but he could secretly help Lin Chujiu beat her four dowry maidservants if they are not willing to serve her first this time.

Lin Chujiu doesnt know that, but her eyes got pleased when she saw her four dowry maidservants obediently clean up the new room, fetch some water and even prepared her foods properly. Lin Chujiu couldnt help but think: Lin Furens (Madam) influence is still incomparable to Xiao Tianyao.

If Lin Furens (Madam) maidservants had done a good job from the start, she wouldnt find fault with them. Lin Chujius request is not too much, she doesnt need maidservants that are willing to die for her or treat her as their master. They can even treat her as their friends or sister. As long as those maidservants dont drag her down, she will even ensure the quality of their life.

As long as they wouldnt do something like climbing Xiao Tianyaos bed, shes willing to accept them.

Finally, Lin Chujiu was able to soak herself in a bath. Then she eats and drinks a bowl of ginger soup. After that, Lin Chujiu lie down on her bed with full of spirit and happy face.

This is life!

Although she got an injury to her left shoulder, Lin Chujiu still thinks that this is her most comfortable life since she came to this world

Lin Chujius day passed by comfortably, but not for Xiao Tianyao. Although Prince Xiaos Mansion had announced that both Prince Xiao and Princess Xiao was still in shocked because of the incident and need to recuperate. Xiao Tianyao didnt get a chance to rest


Early morning, Prince Xiaos guardsmen dragged out the dead body of those assassins and placed them neatly in front of the gate of the Judicial Court.

In addition to those body, they also placed hundreds of arrows and crossbow. Although they dont have a mark name, those people who have eyes could see and recognized that those things are from the military. And if the military didnt personally took them out, then who else could it be when no ordinary people could take them.

Everyone knows, that in the East Country there is a law that is stating that no one is allowed to have possession of private weapons and any related materials which the Government doesnt control. So, most ordinary people couldnt access them easily.

And with all these body, arrows and crossbow, Prince Xiaos Mansion issued a complaint and sued the senate, provincial governor, imperial army commander and chief of eunuchs.

In short, anyone that can be linked to those dead bodies that easily entered Prince Xiaos Mansion wasnt spared. All 38 pages of the report and 30 pages of the list of names that was involved was sent to the office of Judicial Court.

Prince Xiaos Mansion reported that those people neglected their duties and help those assassins to possess military weapons, disobey the law and plan to murder Prince Xiao.

Prince Xiao Mansions had written 18 charges. Each charge was enough to destroy and kill three generations of their family.

Witnesses, evidence and detailed report were all presented together to the Judicial Court. With these things, Prince Xiaos Mansion doesnt need to open their mouth and just believe to the court to give Prince Xiao a fair treatment for protecting the country and doesnt injure his heroic deeds.

Xiao Tianyaos actions are very tricky and ruthless. He did not only put himself on a high grounds of justice but also unmasked the emperors face. He keeps him in the dark so that he wouldnt do anything.


Fourth, you are so ruthless! The emperor was so angry and sweep away all the report above his table. But still, he didnt get satisfied, so he grabbed the ink stone and throw it to the person that was kneeling in front of him. Get out!


That person was badly beaten, but still, he didnt dare to utter a cry and just clutch his head. In just one glance, you will see that he is wearing official clothes. That person is the exact governor that Xiao Tianyao sued.

In just one night, his military power will come to an end just because those assassins came to kill Prince Xiao.

Your majesty, please calm yourself. The emperors personal eunuch carefully leaned forward. Prince Xiao is now crippled, he wont be able to walk for all his life and he has no heir. So, theres no need for your majesty to get angry to a waste.

The emperors personal eunuch specifically mentioned the word waste. He knew very well how the emperor love to listen to that word. After all, that is how he called Xiao Tianyao in private. The governor that was kowtowing in front of the emperor also secretly called Xiao Tianyao Prince Waste.

Sure enough, when the emperor heard that word his face turn a little better. But still, he sighs and said: But those useless assassins cant evil kill a waste. Doesnt it simply show that a waste is even better than them.

The emperors anger this time is understandable. After all, who would have thought that aside from Prince Xiaos guardsmen, he have another strong force kept in the dark? Although we lost this time, we were able to found out Prince Xiaos trump card. So, next time The emperors personal eunuch started laughing: Next time, he wont be so lucky.

Youre right When the emperor heard his words, he finally calms down. And even his lips curve into a smile: We were able to dig out his trump card, so even if I lost a lot of my people. Its still worth it.

The emperor is truly wise. The emperors personal eunuch smile, then he immediately put Prince Xiao Mansions report and ink stone. The emperor started reading in his approval

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