God of Fishing

Chapter 326 - Powerless

Chapter 326 Powerless

This undersea chase was still going on. Han Fei, like a dragon in the sea, was madly fleeing. Lin Miaomiao was stunned. What kind of terrifying speed is this?

Ahead, a school of Crescent-Moon Fish swam at them head-on. Lin Miaomiao was shocked. “No! It’s a school of fish.”

However, without a word, Han Fei rushed straight at the fish school.

Han Fei opened his wings and began to spin, knocking a way through the school of fish. Wherever he went, the bodies of Crescent-Moon Fish were littered behind him.

After five seconds or so, he broke out from the encirclement of the school of fish and the four peak-level Dangling Fishers followed close behind.

The guy who tried to entangle Han Fei with a fishing hook had given up when he saw Han Fei escaping with such a weird technique.

Now the four peak-level Dangling Fishers were shocked. The speed of this boy was too fast! He was only a junior Dangling Fisher but he was not slower than them!

“Exhaust him, exhaust his spiritual energy.”

Unfortunately, these people knew very little about Han Fei. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come up with such an idea. Han Fei’s spiritual energy literally had no limit. If possible, he even hoped to maintain this state of chase.

Half an hour later…

The four people behind Han Fei were all dumbfounded. Maintaining this peak speed for half an hour, this guy was still energetic! And he was even getting further and further away from them. Did he have a lot of pills to replenish his spiritual energy?

Suddenly, Black Robe said to the three others, “My friends, how about we work together to capture this guy? I only want one thing from him.”

However, the three members of the Sun Family sneered. “We also only want one thing. May I ask what you want? If we want the same thing, I think you’d better give up.”

Black Robe’s pupils constricted. Does Han Fei have a treasure on him?

Black Robe said via voice transmission, What I want is his soul sealing technique. It’s just a technique, not an object, so I don’t think we want the same thing.

After seeing Han Fei forging dozens of ultra-quality magic weapons overnight, Black Robe felt that Han Fei was not an ordinary refiner and might have a method for sealing souls.

When the three of the Sun Family heard that it was not about the Sea Token, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This guy was certainly not an ordinary person since he dared to hunt Han Fei down on the dragon boat. If they had a conflict with him, they might not be able to get the Sea Token given that the Sun Family lived far away from here.

“Okay! Let’s cooperate. We don’t want the soul sealing technique.”

Immediately, a person from the Sun Family said, “You block his way with fishing hooks, and I will use a special method to catch up with him. As long as we can intercept him, it’ll be a piece of cake to get him.”

Black Robe nodded in agreement. Han Fei wouldn’t have any chance to escape! Four peak-level Dangling Fishers trying to hunt down a junior one… No one would believe the former would fail.

A strange blue color appeared on the skin of one person, and the next moment, he suddenly disappeared.

Black Robe froze for a moment. It was a high-level water escape method. The Sun Family was really a worthy family of the Thousand Star City.

Ahead, Han Fei relaxed when he saw he was getting farther and farther from those guys. Only then did he have time to talk to Lin Miaomiao, and he said through a voice transmission, Don’t ask me why. I don’t know either. Who can tell me why I am suddenly being chased for no reason?

After more than half an hour of chasing and fleeing, Lin Miaomiao relaxed too. Han Fei who could even get rid of peak-level Dangling Fishers must not be an ordinary person! This speed alone was enough to make Han Fei one of the heavenly talents in the 36 towns.

Lin Miaomiao asked, “Are you really a Dangling Fisher?”

“Yes?” Han Fei was confused by the question.

Lin Miaomiao looked at the wings behind Han Fei. “Your contractual spiritual beast is so powerful! Is it an exotic one? No, exotic creatures would not be so strong. Is it a legendary one?”

Han Fei was helpless. “Girl, we are running for our lives now. Do you still have time to chat?”

“I can’t see them anymore! We should be able to survive. If we survive, I will find another dragon boat to go home on immediately.”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes, you should go home. Your strength is too weak. There are not many advanced great fishing masters on the dragon boat. Why did you come to the level-three fishery?”.

Lin Miaomiao’s eyes darkened. “I heard that people can quickly improve their strength in the level-three fishery, so I came here… But who could have expected that this place would be so dangerous! If no one had saved me, I’m afraid I would have died here long ago.”

“When we escape, I will help you find another dragon boat. Where are you from?”

Lin Miaomiao smiled. “I’m from the Wind Rain Village, Cloud Town. How about you…”


Before Lin Miaomiao finished, Han Fei’s face suddenly changed. Three fishing rods were attacking them from three directions.

In an instant, Han Fei rolled in the sea and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot out from his body. But the opponent was a peak-level Dangling Fisher after all and the quality of his fishing rod was extraordinary. Only in the blink of an eye, two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were taken, and Han Fei took this opportunity to break out of the circle of fish hooks.


Han Fei almost cried. He took two daggers from him!

However, the other party didn’t seem to care about Han Fei’s spiritual weapons and the fishing hooks waved again. The fishing hooks and lines whirled dazzlingly. Although Han Fei was very flexible, he was stopped for a while.

At the moment when he broke through the circle again, Han Fei was shocked. A figure suddenly appeared 100 meters away from him out of nowhere.



Han Fei used the Flash Stone he got from the Treasure Hunting Fish stall. As the Flash Stone broke, Han Fei appeared 10 miles away.

“Huh? A Flash Stone… Humph, only ten miles. We can easily find him.”

The person from the Sun Family who had just caught up with him suddenly vomited blood and disappeared again. Han Fei took a long breath. “That was a close call.”

“Was that a Flash Stone? Did you use it?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes, if I didn’t use it, they would have caught up with us.”

But after Han Fei ran for another several minutes, his face changed again, and that figure appeared again…

Not only that, the three fishing hooks that were intertwined like a net also hooked at them.

“F*ck… How did they catch up so quickly?”

Han Fei’s face changed drastically, and he suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted, “Explode!”


Two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers exploded. In an instant, waves billowed under the sea.

Han Fei had no time to mourn over the daggers. He had many spiritual weapons, but if he was caught by them, he didn’t think he could escape from the hands of four peak-level Dangling Fishers.


Han Fei vomited two mouthfuls of blood. A spiritual weapon must be nourished with its owner’s blood. If the weapon exploded, it would hurt its owner. This was the first time he had detonated his own spiritual weapon…

But he had no choice. If he couldn’t get rid of those hooks, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Now the three fishing hooks had been blown up. Those two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were mid-quality spiritual weapons anyway. If converted into money, even in the level-three fishery, they would be worth at least 500,000 mid-quality pearls each.

But now, Han Fei didn’t care about that much. Many Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers appeared around him and he was ready to detonate more daggers.

“Han Fei, hand over the Sea Token and we’ll spare your life.”

The man closest to Han Fei was also shocked. Han Fei blew up two spiritual weapons and destroyed three fishing rods?!

And there was still a circle of spiritual weapons around him?!

Han Fei was shocked. The Sea Token? The other party mentioned the Sea Token…

“Are you from the Sun Family?”

Han Fei was frightened. The level-three fishery was so big. How did the Sun Family people find him? Could it be that Black Robe’s hunting down of him caught their attention?

Han Fei was shocked. He just picked a random dragon boat to board! There were one hundred dragon boats in the level-three fishery. How did he happen to meet the Sun Family? Could it be that the Sun Family arranged their people on every single dragon boat?

Han Fei was furious. “Get lost. Or I will blow you up.” “Go to hell…”

Han Fei saw a figure pouncing over, throwing a spear at him with all his strength, and there was a single-horned prawn on the spear.



The sea surged again. Han Fei vomited another mouthful of blood. Humph! I have many spiritual weapons. Let’s see who will laugh last…

However, in the next moment, Han Fei was horrified. The spear stopped the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger’s self-destruction. Although there was only half of the spear left, it still thrust at him in an instant.


Han Fei tried to resist it with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, but the dagger couldn’t resist it and was directly sent flying. Crack!

Han Fei’s spiritual energy protective cover was shattered and he was sent flying dozens of meters away. Han Fei looked at Lin Miaomiao, only to find that the girl was bleeding from the mouth and nose again. Being hit head-on, she was more seriously injured this time.

Even Han Fei felt his internal organs were tumbling. How could Lin Miaomiao resist the impact?

“Damn you!”

Several Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers darted straight at the man behind Han Fei, but the man took out a spiritual weapon long sword and quickly blocked the daggers. And, getting closer and closer to Han Fei, he threw a sword Qi at Han Fei from time to time.


As Han Fei was blocked, the three people behind had gradually approached. The black-robed man launched a soul attack straight at him.

And what came with the soul attack was three small spiral arrows that glowed blue.


“Explode again!”

Han Fei went crazy. He couldn’t let them approach him. Otherwise, he would be doomed.

Detonating another dagger away, Han Fei took the opportunity to fly out hundreds of meters. But the guy from the Sun Family nearest to him thrust a long sword at him and Han Fei felt that his life could be taken at any time.


The long knife reappeared, and Han Fei activated the Drawing once again since he did it two days ago.

Clang… Crack…

The sword and the knife collided and broke at the same time. Han Fei was hit by the sword and a long wound was drawn from his chest to his waist and abdomen, and blood gushed out.

But that person from the Sun Family didn’t win either. He never thought that Han Fei’s blow could be so powerful! As a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he was no match for Han Fei in physique and one of his hands was chopped off.

Han Fei looked down and found that there was also a sword wound on Lin Miaomiao’s body. However, different from just now, this time, this supremely powerful attack directly extinguished Lin Miaomiao’s vitality. “No!!!”

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