Chapter 603: A Local Bully Is Easy To Handle

Chapter 603: A Local Bully Is Easy To Handle

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“Where is the metal qi the strongest?” The scholar was startled, and immediately realized what he was doing. With a smile on his face he said “I see, hehe, junior…”

He laughed out loud, the middle-aged scribe was about to make a move, but before he could finish what he said, Yang Chen said another sentence at this moment “The place where the metal qi is strongest is not where the sword qi lies. “

The self-righteous laughter was suddenly forcibly stuffed back into his throat, making the middle-aged scribe feel as uncomfortable as eating flies. He abruptly stopped the words “Hey!” that he almost blurted out, and asked eagerly, “Where is it then?”

“You really don’t use your brain, sword qi depends on metal qi. After so many years, I don’t know how much metal qi has been absorbed. How can it be located in the strongest place, of course it’s the weakest place!” Yang Chen seemed to be teaching his children a lesson. Said the same, looking at the middle-aged scribe in the Dacheng stage with contempt, as if looking at a brainless fool.

“It makes sense!” The middle-aged scribe was startled, then nodded involuntarily, the corner of his mouth twitched, and just as he was about to speak again, he clenched his hand and planned to move.

“There should be restrictions around the sword qi, otherwise the sword qi would have dissipated a long time ago.” Yang Chen seemed to have been invisible, and said to himself, his eyes were still looking around.

Shi Shanshan has been watching coldly from the side, Yang Chen’s performance was in the eyes of her as a bystander, he was playing with this guy who suddenly appeared, the Dacheng stage master was played by Yang Chen like a child. But after hearing that it was a sword qi, Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but start to look forward to it, the sword qi that Yang Chen could never forget, even with his toes, she knew that it was a good thing.

There were restrictions around the sword qi, which was common sense, and a thought flashed in the middle-aged scribe’s mind immediately. Now that Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan are to be killed, maybe he will have to look at the sword qi and not be able to collect them. Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan made it clear that there was something handed down from their ancestors that made them come here to collect the sword qi, maybe together after they break the seal, he can get the greatest benefit.

“This old man has stayed here for many years and is very familiar with it. Let this old man take you to find it!” The middle-aged scribe immediately changed his tone and became enthusiastic.

Little did he know that Yang Chen was planning to make him a guide, so he and Shi Shanshan looked at each other, and both of them saw the smile hidden in each other’s eyes. Yang Chen nodded, then he took Shi Shanshan’s little hand and joined the scribe to go to the place where the scribe knew the weakest metal qi.

If Gongsun Ling was there, where the metal qi is the strongest and the weakest, she can know just by walking around, but now it was obvious that Gongsun Ling was not with them. If Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were looking for it, it was estimated that they would not be able to find such a large area without looking for half a year or more.

With this ready-made guide who jumped out actively, the two can save a lot of time. Looking at the guy’s posture, it was estimated that there was a problem with this area, he was unable to go there. Otherwise, how could a Dacheng stage expert spend time on this barren land.

The scribe led the way and the two followed, and after flying for a full day, the three flew to a mountain peak. This mountain was not the highest mountain, but it was the most dangerous one. The rocks stood like sharp swords piercing the sky, but they were badly weathered, and there were fine stones everywhere at the foot of the mountain.

There was a small hole in the middle of the mountain, the hole was so small that only one person could squeeze through it sideways. It was a cave, but it was better to say it was a gap between two huge rocks. There was a big rock outside that just blocked the sight in several directions. If you don’t know the place well, you will not be able to find that there was a small cave here.

The scribe went in, and Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan squeezed in, only to realize that there was something special inside. After entering, there was a big hole that was much wider than the entrance, and it was also formed by stacking several rocks together. But these are not the main points, the main point is that on the ground of this big hole, there was a deep well of unknown depth, which exuded a chilly atmosphere.

Both Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were subconsciously exploring with their spiritual awareness, but they were stunned to discover that their spiritual awareness could not penetrate the deep well at all, and even in the caves, there was a feeling of detecting the essence. If it was outside, this feeling will make them believe that this was a solid mountain, and it was impossible to find this cave, let alone a deep well.

“This old man has lived here for more than 600 years, and only by chance did I discover this cave. If there is no great chance, it is impossible to find it at all.” The scholar said very proudly. Of course he understood the peculiarities of this place. Seeing Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan seemed to be a little surprised, so he said it.

“This is where the metal qi is the weakest.” After showing his chance, the scribe said the following words “However, this old man has gone into the deep well, it is empty. There are traces of a seal, I don’t know if it is the place you are looking for.”

Yang Chen has been observing carefully since he came in, and now he was almost certain that this was the destination he was looking for. Not to mention anything else, just the cold air coming out of the deep well was proof.

“It should be good here.” Yang Chen didn’t expect that it would be so smooth. It seems that it was really good to have a local bully, which saves him a lot of effort. If this guy was not so impure, Yang Chen doesn’t mind giving him some benefits, but right now, it’s up to him to choose.

The scribe’s eyes lit up again, and then it was as if nothing had happened. Yang Chen had already started to break the seal over there, so the scribe naturally wouldn’t interfere. This silly boy took the initiative to open the seal, saving himself the trouble of torture and extorting after he took it down. Being so knowledgeable and interesting, he must have made his death more comfortable. As for that beautiful woman, he was lacking a good cultivation cauldron, isn’t this a gift from God?

Yang Chen’s tricks were endless and very complicated. After reading it for a long time, the middle-aged scribe was even more proud of his previous decision. Such a complex formula, even if he did it, he may not be able to easily break it.

Finally, after Yang Chen’s technique was finished, light began to emerge from the bottom of the originally dark well. It was only a very faint point at first, but later, it became brighter and brighter, and even began to dazzle.

The supreme pure yang sword qi left by Master Lu finally appeared again after an unknown number of years.

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