You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 889

Chapter 889 (Playing with Fire)

The red packet on that little butt was simply too tempting; one’s future seemed to hinge on that small behind.

After Yang Haotian left, Qing Yutong said, “What’s the plan?”

Among these five women, Qing Yutong’s status was clear. She was Ye Hua’s wife, even though she didn’t allow them to address her that way, there was still a distinction between superior and subordinate.

Ye Zizi and Kai Yun wouldn’t consider the situation; they would kill on sight. The other three were the ones open to negotiation.

Yue Hua softly suggested, “I think we should arrive first and then decide what to do.”

“What kind of things do we want to do? Charge into someone else’s sect and start killing people?” Brittany chuckled. If that were the case, she could handle it all by herself and a bow.

Qing Yutong shook her head, “That’s too simple. It lacks excitement. If we’re going to play, let’s play big.”

“How big?” Kai Yun asked curiously. Even an angry Ye Zizi looked towards Qing Yutong with curiosity.

“Um… I’ll figure it out later.” Qing Yutong didn’t know how to play yet. Back when she was the winner, things just fell into place naturally.

Thinking of those victorious days, Qing Yutong’s eyes lit up, “Zizi, do you remember how we were ‘captured’ and taken to the Ying Sect?”

A strange smile appeared on Ye Zizi’s face. She then looked at Brittany, Yue Hua, and the others.

Under Ye Zizi’s gaze, everyone felt uneasy.

“Yang Haotian, come here,” Qing Yutong beckoned.

Yang Haotian, who was squatting on the side drawing circles, trotted over. He didn’t look much like an emperor, more like a little follower.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” Yang Haotian even changed his address directly.

“I heard that there’s an Aquapolis at the junction of the north and south?” Qing Yutong mentioned something she overheard in the city. [Aquapolis is referring to ‘water city’.]

Hearing about the water city, Yang Haotian paused and said, “Boss, we can directly fly over from the sky, no need to go to Aquapolis.”

“Are you afraid of this Aquapolis?” Qing Yutong asked curiously.

“Boss, this Aquapolis belongs to the intermediary, separating the north and south. Inside, there are three major families, each with formidable strength. If the strongest on land is the Broken Vein Mountain and the Divine Scripture Academy, the three major families in Aquapolis are the same. Their leaders are Overlords. We don’t need to go there,” Yang Haotian explained.

Indeed, Yang Haotian didn’t want to go to that ghost place. It would be much better to fly over the water’s surface directly. No one would bother them, even if they took a boat.


If you forcefully intrude into Aquapolis, you’re done for!

Qing Yutong suddenly smiled, “We’re going to Aquapolis!”

Yang Haotian: “…..”

‘I’m not accompanying you to play with your lives! Even if I drown in the water, I don’t want the red packet. I won’t accompany you to play with your lives. Give up this idea!’

One day later, a luxurious ship sailed on the vast sea.

This sea was called the Unrestrained Sea, and Aquapolis was underneath it! Although it was smaller in size compared to the north and south regions, it was still quite substantial. After all, the Sapphire Continent was enormous.

However, on the luxurious ship, Yang Haotian finally changed his clothes. Wearing a gorgeous outfit, he looked like a playboy with a plum blossom folding fan in hand, dishevelled hair, and a frivolous expression.

‘What! A frivolous expression!!!

I’m damn pretending. I’m accompanying them to play with their lives!

To make me play the role of a playboy brother, damn it… If I don’t get to touch a butt, then…’

At this moment, on the deck, the five beauties were looking stunning! These five women had meticulously dressed up, and their appearance had elevated to another level. Look at Qing Yutong; tsk tsk… absolutely breathtaking.

And Brittany, incredibly sexy, to the point of explosion, it felt fantastic.

Even Yue Hua, the mature woman, looked like she was made of water.

Ye Zizi and Kai Yun belonged to the cute loli type, a favourite of foot fetishists.

But it was all just an act. They played the terrified expressions perfectly, truly deserving of their status as top actresses.

Even after such a long time without acting, they seamlessly slipped into their roles.

“Ladies~ Don’t run away, let big brother touch a bit~” Yang Haotian could only go along with it. What kind of situation was this?

It was the first time he had seen someone play something thrilling on the Unrestrained Sea.

Really thrilling.

“You despicable scoundrel! You deceived us to the Unrestrained Sea and now want to take advantage of us! Help!” Qing Yutong’s acting was top-notch.

However, Brittany… was struggling a bit.

The others were barely convincing as women about to be molested.

Yang Haotian’s acting was indeed something: “In this Unrestrained Sea, I am like a god. Shout as much as you want; it won’t help! Your screams will only bring me more pleasure. Scream, let me listen~”

Qing Yutong was a bit confused. Where did he learn these lines? Why did it feel like her brother-in-law’s style?

He even secretly altered the lines. That was outrageous.

“You won’t hear our screams! We would rather die than yield!” Qing Yutong shouted defiantly.

Yang Haotian laughed heartily, “Such a spirited refusal! Later, I’ll make you experience what true earthly pleasure is.”

“Shameless,” Yue Hua scolded.

“Peh!” Brittany kept it simple.

“Tch~” Ye Zizi coldly snorted. ‘You think you can flirt with me? Just a strand of hair will make you regret it.’

“Great~” Kai Yun clapped directly.

Everyone felt speechless. It seemed like Kai Yun was in her mating season.

Suddenly, Yang Haotian, with a sinister smile, approached the five beauties, while Qing Yutong and the others shouted together, “Help! Help!”

“Shout, let me get excited,” Yang Haotian said, inching closer to Ye Zizi. Since they were acting, a discreet touch should be allowed.

Just as Yang Haotian thought he was about to succeed!

Puff puff puff!!!

Three water sounds echoed in everyone’s ears.

Three more people appeared on the deck.

The lead was a man wearing dragon scale armour, exceptionally handsome with fair skin and deep, captivating eyes – commonly known as a handsome guy.

The other two were clearly bodyguards.

“Bold criminal, committing lewd acts in broad daylight on the Unrestrained Sea! Your crimes demand execution!” The man drew the sword at his waist and pointed it at Yang Haotian.

Yang Haotian was cursing inwardly. ‘Could you have appeared a bit later? Didn’t you see that I was about to take action!’

The five beautiful women were also stunned. This script really never changed; it was too cliché…

“At least it’s a good start,” Qing Yutong muttered.

“Hero~ Save us!” Qing Yutong called out coquettishly.

As Qing Yutong spoke, the man turned his head to look over.

Then he just stood there, seemingly frozen.

His mind buzzed, and the entire scene seemed to be on pause. Such beautiful women… How could they be so gorgeous? They were thousands of times more beautiful than the women in Aquapolis! This was the most stunning sight he had ever seen!

‘Oh god, what if I can’t see them again in the future!’

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