You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 808

Chapter 808 (An Arrow Piercing the Clouds)

Lin Tianxin was slapped directly onto a pillar, and her chin was indeed a bit crooked, but she didn’t lose consciousness.

As long as the master didn’t give a death order, Daji still maintained control and didn’t kill her. This was what a maid should do.

“Well done,” Wan Yi exclaimed. He was ecstatic; this damn woman had finally been punished, and he felt extremely satisfied.

Brother Question Mark was truly amazing; his eyes didn’t even blink when she struck someone from Benevolent King Prison.

Lin Tianxin cowered in fear, not daring to speak, still dazed from the beating.

At this moment, Xing Yuan had blood all over his mouth, and his teeth were scattered on the ground.

“Girl broke rib, kill preposterous fish, suffer calamity.” Xing Yuan’s speech was unclear due to his missing teeth.

Donghuang Baizhi slapped the void. Although she didn’t make contact, the slap landed on Xing Yuan’s face. “Straighten your tongue when you speak!”

Wow, was Baizhi really this fierce? This amazed Ye Hua.

Suddenly, Xing Yuan pulled out a firecracker and rushed outside, instantly igniting it.


A firework shot up into the sky, forming the character ‘prison’ in the white sky, making it clearly visible even during the daytime.

Xing Yuan shouted while spitting saliva and blood, “You’ll die, no intact corpse.”

“Daji,” Ye Hua called out softly.

Daji, with her murderous expression, instantly turned gentle upon hearing her master’s call. “Master~”

This was definitely her way of being coquettish towards her master, leaving Xing Yuan and Lin Tianxin dumbfounded. She transformed from a female assassin one moment to a cute girl the next, the contrast was too much to handle.

“Knock that person out and make them speak sensibly.”

“Yes, Master.”

Daji followed Baizhi’s example and administered a slap from a distance. Xing Yuan hadn’t even had a chance to react before he crashed into a rockery and lost consciousness.

It seemed quite painful.

Daji then looked at Lin Tianxin, who was trembling in fear, too frightened to move.

These people were like devils. However, if their master came later, they would be in for trouble!

Of course, Ye Hua knew they were summoning someone, so he allowed it.

“Daji, come and help me with a shoulder massage,” Ye Hua said casually. Having a maid around would make things easier for him.

“Daji, there’s no need; I’ll do it,” Qing Ya said as she stood up, positioning herself behind Ye Hua. She gently massaged his shoulders and lowered her head, saying, “Ye Hua, you promised to listen to us; you must keep your word.”

“Alright, I’ll keep my word,” Ye Hua patted Qing Ya’s hand, feeling a hint of jealousy in her actions.

However, being able to enjoy a massage from his wife still made Ye Hua quite comfortable.

Daji felt a little disappointed. Her master had finally allowed her to give him a massage, but her mistress stopped her. It seemed her mistress still didn’t trust her completely.

She suddenly felt annoyed by her own seductive appearance. If she didn’t stand out so much, her mistress wouldn’t be worried, and she could wholeheartedly serve her master.

Why did she have to look so alluring? It was truly vexing.

“Daji, come and help me,” Qing Yutong suddenly said in a sweet voice.

“Yes, madam,” Daji walked behind Qing Yutong and delicately placed her slender hands on Qing Yutong’s fragrant shoulders, gently massaging.

Qing Yutong was mischievous; she suddenly reached out and touched Daji’s hand.

This startled Daji, but she continued massaging.

Qing Ya gave her younger sister a fierce glare. “What did you mean by that just now? Trying to take advantage of someone, huh?”

Ye Hua also noticed but didn’t say anything. He was enjoying his wife’s massage, and Qing Ya’s massaging skills seemed to be getting better and better.

Before long, instead of the cavalry, two men arrived. They were wearing black outfits and carrying something on their backs, covered with black cloth, so it wasn’t clear what it was.

The two men glanced at the unconscious Xing Yuan and the bewildered Lin Tianxin, their expressions turning serious.

Inside the room, there were only two men among all the women, and these women were unbelievably beautiful!

There were such breathtaking beauties in this world; it was truly astonishing.

“Master, Senior Brother!” Lin Tianxin rushed towards the two men as if she had found a strong backing.

“Lin Tianxin, what’s going on?” As Lin Tianxin’s master, Qu Ziming was a Ninth-Rank Master, while the man beside him, Yuan Qing, was Qu Ziming’s senior brother and a peak Master.

Although they didn’t have much status in the Benevolent King Prison, they were well-known figures outside.

“Master, Senior Brother, these people attacked me…” Lin Tianxin complained to everyone, like a child saying, “Daddy, they hit me.”

Yuan Qing looked at Xing Yuan, who had passed out beside him, and asked coldly, “Do you know the consequences of attacking members of our Benevolent King Prison?”

Ye Hua had no desire to talk to these people, so he said calmly, “Daji, go take care of it.”

“Yes, Master,” Daji replied with her sweet voice. This wasn’t seducing Ye Hua; she naturally had that tone, but when it came to enemies, she usually spoke with a lower voice.

“Madam, Daji can’t give you a massage for now. She’ll massage you once she takes care of the enemies.”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you,” Qing Yutong said, holding Daji’s hand and patting it.

Seeing Qing Yutong’s ambiguous gaze, Daji fled in embarrassment, which made Qing Yutong giggle. This was too amusing.

However, Qing Ya couldn’t resist tapping her sister’s head.

“What are you doing?”

“Sis, your tap just made me even more foolish,” Qing Yutong rubbed her head and looked pitifully at Ye Hua, relying on her brother-in-law’s decision.

Qing Ya couldn’t help but say, “Ye Hua, you should discipline her properly.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll discipline her tonight,” Ye Hua whispered softly. Qing Yutong wasn’t afraid, as she had been thoroughly ‘disciplined’ by her brother-in-law from head to toe, so it didn’t matter.

Daji walked out of the room, her face turning ice-cold, and the eerie aura surrounding her body made Qu Ziming and Yuan Qing’s faces darken. They immediately released their martial energy to defend themselves.

“You demoness! Using charm techniques!” Qu Ziming exclaimed, his gaze intense.

Daji’s lips curled into a seductive smile. “Today is an important day for me and my master. Originally, I didn’t want to shed blood, but blood is red, symbolizing my master’s future prosperity. It’s a good omen. So, please, both of you, offer your blood. It will be your blessing.”

“Demoness, stop your bewitching words. Today, I’ll capture you, you monster!” Yuan Qing took something from his back, and the black cloth covering it instantly disappeared, revealing its true form.

It was an exquisite pipa, coloured in blue. Each string emitted a faint aura, as if it were not ordinary.

Qu Ziming had something similar, a guqin. It rested on his lap, and he sat in an unconventional manner. Both of them exuded the aura of Masters. [Guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument]

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