The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 2505

Chapter 2505: Chapter 2505 couldn’t withstand it. She had ten minutes

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The director of the International Intelligence Platform Center had foresight. Not only did he completely revoke his share of the deduction from the ancient assassin mercenary group’s intelligence group, he even personally apologized to the ancient assassin mercenary group some time ago.

At this moment, there was one director and ten shareholders.

There were a total of four shareholders who revoked the deduction from the ancient assassin mercenary group’s intelligence group. Other than the director and the four shareholders, the other six shareholders had received assassination notices from Sha Shen.

Everyone knew that Sha Shen had carried out 1,027 assassination missions and issued 1,027 similar assassination notices.

Receiving an assassination notice from Sha Shen was equivalent to stepping on a coffin.

Before this, no one in the world had been able to escape Sha Shen’s assassination.

“Director! Director! We know we were wrong! I… … I, I, I, I can hand over all my shares in the company to Sha Shen ! I don’t want all of my family property ! Please, please help me, I don’t want to die … ..

The short and fat middle-aged man was paralyzed on the ground. He looked blankly ahead and suddenly crawled towards the director’s position in a dog-like manner.

He reached out and grabbed the director’s trouser legs. The frequency of his hands shaking was even more violent than when the springs were being flicked.

Fear, fear, shock, all these emotions were mixed in the eyes of the short and fat middle-aged man.

“Where have you been? If you had listened to me earlier and revoked the deduction, would this have happened!”The director shouted.

“We thought, thought that Sha Shen would never return! Director, please save me. As long as you save me, I will give all my shares to you! …”

The fat middle-aged man’s words caused the director to Blink.

The director waved his hand. “Forget it, forget it. I will help you contact the Interpol main force. Coincidentally, I know a very powerful person inside.

“However… whether or not you can survive under Sha Shen’s hands will depend on your luck.”

Country M, in a large villa on the outskirts of the International Intelligence Platform Center.

This villa was the home of the director of the International Intelligence Platform Center, who knew the captain of the Interpol unit, Bernie Austin.

Bernie Austin, or Bernie for short.

The name of a foreigner usually followed by his surname, so Bernie was his name.

Bernie knew the director of the International Intelligence Platform and was entrusted with the task, so he had his home surrounded.

Because Bernie’s house had many agencies, and there were many patrols and special police patrolling nearby, it was difficult for even a fly to sneak in from the outside.

As for the six shareholders of the International Intelligence platform who had received the notice of the assassination of Sha Shen, they were placed in the living room of his villa by Bernie.

Bernie walked around the outside and entered the house. He stood in the living room and said to the six shareholders who had received the notice of the assassination, “Everything seems to be normal at the moment. All of you stay where you are and don’t go to the toilet alone!”

The six shareholders nodded immediately.

When Bernie was young, about twenty years ago, he had successfully saved a target who had received an assassination notice from a top-ranked assassin.

This made Bernie famous in one fell swoop.

With the addition of the Bernie Special Police Force, it was no exaggeration. It was a rather powerful team.

Therefore, the six shareholders heaved a sigh of relief. Their previously tense Hearts were now slightly relieved.

At this moment, a 20-year-old young woman, one of Bernie’s immediate relatives, asked Bernie in a questioning voice:

“Uncle, is the Sha God you spoke of really that powerful? Does he need you and so many outstanding elites to stand up to him?”

This young woman was Bernie’s niece, Beryl Austin.

Bernie had been pampered since he was young, and he had always admired his own uncle Bernie. He had even thought that his uncle Bernie was the most powerful person in the world.

That was why he said these words.

After Bernie finished speaking, he rubbed his forehead and said solemnly to Bernie,

“He’s more than powerful! Today, I used the members of three major criminal police forces, and he’s the most outstanding member of our Interpol’s main force!

“It’s still unknown whether they can withstand the brake god for ten minutes…”

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