The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1672: Be Careful

Chapter 1672: Be Careful

She seemed to have returned to a year ago when she walked into that empty room and heard a childish voice calling her “mother”.

It said: Mom, I have been waiting for you for a long time; it said: Mom, I’m afraid of the dark and being alone, so don’t leave me.

It said: Mom, Little Egg wants to eat the food you cook every day. Little Egg likes Mom the most.

But now, it had returned to that enormous eggshell, trapped in the eternal loneliness and darkness, unable to call out or cry.

Little Egg is so timid and so fond of excitement. In that silent darkness, he must be so miserable.

*Whimper*—Little Egg… Little Egg!”

On the top of Cang Mountain, the overgrown vegetation faded away. The insects and ants dispersed, and the wild beasts slowly returned to their territory.

Ice and snow cover this land again. Everything here was withered. There was no human habitation, and there was only a lonely girl weeping sadly.

The true wood source could revive the dead and turn flesh into bones, making all of nature and creation bow in obedience. However, it required unlocking all the seals that locked its power.

Hexi hadn’t unlocked its full potential. Hence, when facing Silver Fox, her only option was to kill.

However, Little Egg desperately broke the seal briefly and thus paid a heavy price.

“Stupid woman, be careful—!” Little Red Bird’s anxious shout suddenly came from the void.

As soon as Hexi turned around, she saw a figure rushing toward her with lightning speed.

Although Hexi’s injuries had healed at this time, the Circle of Life and spiritual power in her body were exhausted. Her limbs were so sore that she couldn’t even stand up.

In the night sky, a man’s ferocious and crazy laughter came, “Xi Yue, in the end, your wood source is destined to belong to me, hahaha…”

Hexi looked at the greedy eyes in the darkness, her pupils shrank suddenly, and her tears were blown away and dried in the cold wind.

Lu Xuyang was the culprit who caused all this. Lu Xuyang!

At the foot of Cang Mountain, Lou Yuqing lay on the ground in a disheveled state. His red eyes stared fixedly at the young man before him, filled with incredible unwillingness and resentment.

In front of him, Ouyang Haoxuan, who had burn marks all over his body, looked no better than him.

Yet, that casual yet ruthless smile still hung on his face, as if the charred skin, the nearly crippled legs and shoulders, were all insignificant matters to him.

On the top of Cang Mountain in the distance, the green light slowly dissipated. The golden light at Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian also gradually subsided.

However, Lou Yuqing already knew what it was!

Just moments ago, when the two were fiercely engaged in battle, Ouyang Haoxuan was nearly at the end of his strength. Lou Yuqing was reaping his life bit by bit like playing with a toy.

When the Sealed Dragon Domain exploded, Lou Yuqing felt that the situation with the snatching of the wood source had changed. Just as he was about to deliver a fatal blow, suddenly a powerful life force burst forth from the summit of Cang Mountain, enveloping the entire land.

Ouyang Haoxuan, who was already dying, suddenly burst out with an intense golden light.

Those golden lights hovered around them before turning into golden flames and attacking Lou Yuqing fanatically.

Caught off guard, Lou Yuqing’s previously invincible Endless Void Flame was instantly engulfed by golden flames. He himself was burned until his spiritual power was exhausted, leaving him covered in wounds.

At this moment, Lou Yuqing finally recognized what that terrifying flame residing within Ouyang Haoxuan’s body was.

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