The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 982

Chapter 982 The Way Sage Realm

Li Mu frowned.

“Uh? You’re also here.” Yan Yalun and the others were attracted by the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire. They didn’t take the person in the nest seriously. There was only one. However, when they took a closer look, they found that it was Li Mu, the future leader of the Sanctuary of the Way. Their expressions suddenly changed.

Their status was no match for Li Mu’s.

The Brotherhood of Swords and the Sanctuary of the Way were much more prestigious than the other Holy Lands whose future leaders had come to the Liuyun Manor this time. If these two Holy Lands were first-rate, the others, such as the Holy Land of Delirious Voices, the Holy Land of Thousand Flames, the Holy Land of Flying Fire, and the Holy Land of Floating Light, were second-rate.

Yan Ya’an, Yan Yalun, and their companions weren’t afraid of the people from the other Holy Lands. However, when they met the people from the Sanctuary of the Way and the Brotherhood of Swords, they had to be deliberate.

“It turns out to be Brother Li from the Sanctuary of the Way. How long have you been here?” Yan Ya’an smiled. He clasped his hands behind his back and made a gesture. The rest of the people from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames quietly moved to either side.

Li Mu was silent.

He didn’t even spare them a glance.

When in the courtyard hall, he knew arrogant young master Yan Yalun and gentle Yan Ya’an were the same. The former was an idiot while the latter was a hypocrite. Neither of them was good.

Li Mu didn’t want to pretend to be polite to such people.

He was thinking about another problem.

If the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire was really in the body of the elder from the Liuyun family, should he kill the person before he merged with the fire? Li Mu didn’t know if the elder still had consciousness. If his strength increased greatly after merging with the fire, he lost his mind, and he began to kill people like those red-haired monsters, it would be big trouble. After all, Li Mu did not want to face a monster in the Way Sage Realm.

But if he regained his senses after merging with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, wouldn’t it be a mistake to kill him now?

“Should I kill him?” Li Mu hesitated.

This was a problem.

“Mr. Li, the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire is important to our Holy Land of Thousand Flames. I hope you can give it up.” Yan Ya’an tried to negotiate with Li Mu.

Li Mu was silent.

“Li, my elder brother is talking to you, but you pretend to be deaf and dumb here. It seems you don’t know what’s good for you.” Yan Yalun sneered and said, “Do you think you are the Son of Taoist of the Sanctuary of the Way or Yellow Sword? How could you treat us like that? We have been searching for the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire for hundreds of years. Today, we are determined to get it.”


Li Mu said without looking back.

“What did you say?” Yan Yalun was enraged.

Yan Ya’an said, “Brother Li, as the saying goes, everyone has a share. Do you want to keep the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire for yourself? You’ve gone too far.”

Li Mu turned to look at them and said, “I’ll say it again. Scram!”

Yan Yalun laughed angrily. “Don’t be so shameless. We…”


Li Mu moved. With a flash of flowing light, he came to Yan Yalun and threw a punch.

“You’re courting death.” Yan Yalun snorted coldly and didn’t show humility. He raised his hand and threw a punch. His fist was wrapped in twisted orange flames, which looked like pythons. He launched the Flaming Python Fist of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames mercilessly to seriously injure Li Mu at once.

“Be careful.” Yan Ya’an’s expression changed as he loudly reminded his brother.

But it was too late.


The sounds of bones breaking came.

Yan Yalun only felt a sharp pain in his right arm. The orange flaming pythons instantly dissipated. The big bone of his arm pierced out of his shoulder, breaking his skin and flesh. His whole right arm, which had fought against Li Mu’s fist just now, exploded into a bloody mist and bone fragments immediately.

He screamed and flew backward like a cannonball. He hit the stone wall of the nest hard, forming a human-shaped hollow. His whole body seemed to be fractured. Countless bones were broken.

Only then did he realize how terrifying his opponent was.

Covered in blood, Yan Yalun seemed to have gone mad. He howled hysterically, “Big Brother, kill him! Kill this bastard! Ah!”

At this moment, Yan Ya’an had already taken action.

An orange snake-like thin sword stabbed toward the middle of Li Mu’s back like a fatal flame in his hand.

Li Mu performed his footwork to dodge the sword. In a flash of light, a long-handled podao appeared.

“Sky Cracking Six!”

Long Blade Developing Sword!

The blade light filled the sky.

It looked like the sunlight shining through the darkest sky before dawn. No matter how thick the darkness was, it was difficult to resist the light. The first move of the Sky Cracking Six had already blocked the flaming thin sword.

Yan Ya’an only felt this Broadsword-using method was extremely strange and awkward. It contained Sword Intent. His swordsmanship could no longer resist the other party. By the time he reacted, the broadsword light in front of him was so dazzling that it drowned him like a tide. He felt horrified, and he instinctively waved his sword to block it.


With a flash of the broadsword, a bloody light burst out.

Yan Ya’an was sent flying backward in shock.

Streams of blood flowed down his wrist and fingertips on his right hand holding the sword. The blood dyed the thin sword in his hand red. His whole body trembled, and more than one wound appeared on his body.

Although they were superficial wounds, his fighting spirit was almost destroyed immediately.

He realized he was no match for the future leader of the Sanctuary of the Way at all.

“What is it? This is not from the martial arts of the Sanctuary of the Way.”

Yan Ya’an stared at Li Mu, full of shock and fear.

“The martial arts of the Sanctuary of the Way are too many. How can a man like you have a full view of them?” Li Mu pointed the long broadsword in his hand at the ground, not taking the other four experts of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames seriously. He said, “As a member of the Human Clan, I don’t want to kill you. I’ll give you another chance. Scram!”

His voice was indifferent.

An ice-cold pressure that made people’s hearts palpitate spread out.

Yan Ya’an waved his hand to let him shut up. Then he ran his cultivation to heal his injury. He looked at Li Mu and said, “Well, since the Sanctuary of the Way wants to occupy this Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, we are no match for you. We have nothing to say. Let’s go.”

“But, brother, we…” Yan Yalun was unwilling. Another expert from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames helped him over. His eyes were sinister as he stared at Li Mu, wanting to say something.

Yan Ya’an said angrily, “Why don’t you scram? Do you want to die?”

The four experts from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames slowly withdrew.

Yan Ya’an looked at Li Mu and said, “The green hills won’t change, and the green water will flow forever. I will repay today’s favor in the future.” As he spoke, he cupped his hands, about to turn around and leave.

At this time, a beam of bright orange light suddenly burst out from his sleeve and silently attacked Li Mu like a poisonous snake in the Earth Fire.

“Go to hell.”

Yan Ya’an’s face twitched, filled with viciousness.

Instantly, his ruthlessness far surpassed his younger brother Yan Yalun’s.

Li Mu sneered as if he had been prepared for this. His left hand blocked the black bangles.


Enormous strength exploded and spread.

Li Mu was sent flying dozens of meters away and crashed into the stone wall.

However, he was only sent flying. He didn’t get hurt.

“Shit.” When Yan Ya’an saw that the Scorching Colored Glaze Sword Blow, which contained his master’s full-strength blow, did not blast Li Mu into powder, he immediately realized the other party also had a secret treasure of the Sanctuary of the Way. He immediately turned around and fled without saying a word.

Li Mu chased after him like a ghost. “You’re courting death.”

The light of the broadsword flashed.

He launched the Sky Splendor Six.

Layers of broadsword light, which were extremely dim, spread out like a bead curtain and swept away the last bit of light in the dim nest as if it had swallowed up all the light.

Yan Ya’an felt everything go dark in his eyes. Then he lost consciousness.

Yan Yalun and the other four experts of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames also became blind the moment the broadsword light burst out. When they could see again, they saw Li Mu striding over with the podao in his right hand and Yan Ya’an’s head in his left hand.

At this moment, Yan Yalun screamed.

He was scared out of his wits.

His brother was dead.

He was scared and had no killing intent. He screamed and activated a secret treasure to escape without hesitation. With a flash of flowing light, he disappeared.

The four experts from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames also stepped back crazily.

“None of you can escape.”

Li Mu’s killing intent had been aroused. Just as he was about to kill all of them, an extreme heat, which was as destructive as the sun, came from behind him.

“Oh no! That man has successfully merged with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire.”

Li Mu’s face changed greatly, and he ran his cultivation to resist.

As the four experts from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames, they had no time to make any reaction. The True Energy of the Thousand Flames within their bodies was stirred by the heat. They were unable to control their strength. They let out miserable cries of horror and despair. In an instant, long and dense red hair grew on their bodies fast. Then they spat out flames of their five sense organs. Their hands and feet twitched and struggled. They burned and turned into ashes like ignited wood.

“Ha! I succeed! I’ve finally succeeded!”

Someone burst into exhilarated laughter.

The wizen-faced elder of the Liuyun family sitting on the square rock stood up. His whole body was burning with strange flames. His eyes were as red and horrible as a sea of fire. The power in his body was like a surging sea, beating every inch of the space in the nest.

Like a small boat in the stormy sea, Li Mu reluctantly ran his cultivation to resist.

He was in the Way Sage Realm.

Sure enough, he had stepped into the Way Sage Realm.

Moreover, it was special. This kind of flame aura was full of violence and gloom from the depths of hell. It was a flame aura, but it seemed the most poisonous power in the world was going to freeze and devour people’s souls.

“Kid, your strength isn’t bad. You killed all my servants, right?”

Two beams of fiery light shot out of the elder’s eyes as he stared at Li Mu.

Secretly on guard, Li Mu asked, “Have you come to your senses?”

The elder sneered and said, “I have never been demonized. How can you ask such a question? Boy, who are you? Why are you here? What’s your relationship with that old dog, Liuyun Wufeng?”

Li Mu was stunned.

This elder was wearing the elders’ uniform of the Liuyun family, but he called the patriarch of the Liuyun family an old dog. What was going on?

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