Supreme Magus

Chapter 2464 Restored Tower (Part 2)

Chapter 2464 Restored Tower (Part 2)

The gold-veined white marble came from the tower's walls while the shield and the equipment of the Demons had been Forgemastered by the Factory floor.

Also, despite what the living legacies believed due to the seemingly endless stream of magical resources, Lith's means were actually limited to what he had stored in the pocket dimension, the Crucible, and the Mines.

Yet the tower's Workshop could conjure whatever was contained in its vaults infinite times. The Workshop would create copies of the magic crystals and metals identical to the originals that the Factory would instantly Forgemaster into enchanted artifacts.

The moment one of its creations was destroyed, the tower erased the copy and created a new one. Then, the Factory would Forgemaster an improved version of the artifact by accessing the data collected by the Eyes during its use.

It was how Valia's equipment kept returning along with its master and the reason it became harder to cut at every iteration. Lith had received Solus' distress message via Soluspedia too late to prepare anything so he had devised the next best thing.

The moment the tower had reached him, Lith had stored his most recent projects in the Library to streamline the mass production of enchanted equipment and maximize the odds of rescuing Solus and Tista.

It was also how the massive shield that was currently stopping the cursed objects' Annihilation kept reappearing in a split second, uncaring for the amount of metal and the number of crystals that were destroyed upon its failure.

It was a seemingly impossible feat, something that under regular circumstances Lith and Solus could not perform even with the aid of a powerful mana geyser. In their split state, the Eyes needed time to scan and the Workshop was incapable of producing anything that required a mana core above the bright blue.

Also, the Library needed to have the blueprints of an artifact and the Forgemastering circles required stored on its shelves to pass the instructions on to the Workshop.

Now that Lith and Solus were fused, however, the Eyes analyzed the events the moment they took place and passed the information collected to the Library that would write it down in its archives.

Such knowledge was accessible to the hybrid via Soluspedia and every idea that glimpsed through their collective mind was recorded as well. The new and improved projects allowed the Workshop to bring their creations to life in an instant.

On top of that, thanks to the energy from the three cores, the Workshop could perform even Forgemastering techniques that required control and power above the bright violet to perfection.

Both Annihilations ended at the same time, but the outcome for the two conflicting parties couldn't have been more different. The cursed objects were running on fumes and their hosts were reduced to shreds.

If not for the presence of the mana geyser and their ability to completely regenerate the living being they were bonded with just from a tissue sample, only a shapeless mass of Davross and Yggdrasill splinters would remain.

The colossus, instead, stood above the mana geyser unscathed with the latest version of the shield ready to block anything they could dish out.

"Okay, definitely a contest of magic is not an option." Stargazer panted. "We need a new plan."

"What about running away?" Knightfall said. "I've been broken so many times that my durability is barely above Adamant. I can't stop another barrage."

"Sure, you first." Windfell said with a sneer. "I'm sure that Verhen will let us go with a smile and a wave of his hand. He'll strike anyone who attempts to escape in the back and without our teamwork, we don't stand a chance, you idiot!"

"We can Warp away if I just dispel the Distortion Field array..." The moment Knightfall weakened his hold on the dimensional space around them, he felt a foreign and aggressive will replace his spell with something similar yet much worse.

He quickly restored the magical formation's full prowess, battling to push away the unknown invader.

"Scratch that. Maybe Dawn has managed to call upon Baba Yaga or maybe Verhen has arrows in his quiver we don't know about. Bottom line, Warping is not an option."

"Then frontal assault it is." Windfell nodded. "There's three of us and only two of them. Our Davross can cut through anything they have dished out so far. It's our only remaining advantage and we are going to exploit it now that they are exhausted."

Life Vision confirmed to the living legacies that for the first time since the start of the battle, the colossus was weakened. Casting an Annihilation in a split second, fueling the Forgemastering circles necessary to craft the shield, and conjuring so many magical ingredients had drained their energy.

The hybrid was standing still with the shield at hand because they were waiting for the world energy from the mana geyser to refill the tower's reserves that were currently dry.

"Better be quick then!" Stargazer pointed at the titan whose aura was already recovering.

The hosts of the cursed objects all lacked at least one limb and bore deep wounds. Knightfall's had lost his skin and his torn muscles were visible. Windfell's missed an arm and an eye, his body skeletal due to the lack of nutrients.

Stargazer's host seemed to fare better, but only because the wooden vines from the haft filled the blank spaces and sealed the otherwise many open wounds. So much of his skin was actually bark that from a distance he looked more like a wooden puppet than a human.

The three of them had their respective hosts take flight and attacked from three different directions. With no need for thinking, the bodies could focus on employing a breathing technique while the living legacy weaved the spells.

On top of that, due to dimensional magic being sealed, aside from Knightfall they had no access to the nutrients' potions stored inside their dimensional amulets. They had to manipulate their hosts with Spirit Magic and make sure they didn't fall apart.

The cursed shield had an easier time restoring his bearer, but after taking almost a full Annihilation, he was faring much worse than his allies. His metal was weakened and his crystals were almost depleted.

The geyser and the breathing technique hastened his recovery, but he still needed hours, not seconds to recover. Unfortunately for him, the colossus had no such problem.

Their strength seemed to be endless and they were already weaving new incantations of untold strength.

'Those are too weak to be Silverwing's spells but are too strong to be Spirit Magic. What is this thing?' The three cursed objects attacked from the sides and the front in a triangle formation.

This way, no matter the direction the titan faced, at least two of them would attack from his blind spots while one of them bought them time. The shield was the weakest but he still was the one with the highest defensive power.

If the colossus attacked Knightfall, the other two much more damage-oriented artifacts would cut him to shreds. If they attacked one of the two weapons, instead, there would still be the other and Knightfall would recover.

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