Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 3226

Chapter 3226: This Will Work

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The military special forces commuter wasn’t like the cars outside. It was better at going up hills and overcoming pits than ordinary cars.

It was also because the car was fast and turned too quickly that there was a risk of overturning. It was nicknamed ‘the battalion killer’. Captain Xia once told her that this car had another advantage, which was flying off-road. On a certain slope, as long as the throttle was applied appropriately, the operation was flexible, and the angle was found, one could fly into the air. In order to make her believe him, he even demonstrated it to her twice.

Now, she would try it herself.

Car No. 9 and Car No. 10 rushed over from the bottom of the steep slope. Seeing that the three cars were getting closer and closer, the recruit in Car No. 9 shouted, “He’s crazy! Is he crazy?!”

“Let’s go crazy too!” The recruit in Car No. 10 went crazy. He had no intention of dodging at all. He rushed toward the car that was rushing down… Then, he saw the target car suddenly drive up the protruding pit on both sides. The accelerator was stepped on heavily, and the car… flew away!

Damn it!

The car was really f*cking flying!

It flew over the roof of their cars!

When the comrades in the surveillance room saw this, they burst into laughter and clapped hard.

Amazing, really amazing!

“Q King, this is your ultimate move. It looks like Azure Bird will follow in your footsteps.” Pigeon finally knew that Azure Bird had learned this trick from Q King. He heaved a long sigh of relief. “I can finally calm down now.”

Compared to the new recruits, he was actually more worried about Azure Bird.

Although the skills of the new recruits hadn’t reached the good standard of their team, they were still alright. Azure Bird’s driving skills looked good, but he was still a little worried.

Now that he knew there was nothing to worry about, he was absolutely at ease.

Xia Jinyuan, on the other hand, had a calm expression. “Azure Bird has good comprehension and skills. It’s unfair for her to accompany the new recruits to practice.

“She beat me three times in a row when she drove an off-road vehicle. She was able to complete a one-sided skid. The comrades in the team have already seen it. These mountain roads are nothing to her.”

“It looks like our team is going to have an all-rounded ace soldier again. She’s even the queen of female soldiers.” Y sighed. “Having a female soldier as powerful as her, the pressure is a little huge.”

“Azure Bird is the first female soldier to enter the Xueyu unit. Her ability is already stronger than us male soldiers.” Pigeon smiled and said, “She’s a different female soldier. She’s an extraordinary female soldier. In the future, we male soldiers can’t take it easy. We can’t fall too far behind Azure Bird.”

It would be embarrassing if they fell too far behind.

Now, it was the recruits’ turn to be embarrassed.

The recruits in Car No. 9 and Car No. 10 looked up abruptly as they watched the car fly over their roofs. They observed the situation behind them through the central rear view. They saw the target vehicle land steadily and accelerate away.

That speed didn’t give anyone a chance to suppress it.

“What’s going on on your side? The target vehicle wasn’t blacked?” The recruit from Car No. 1, who had been clinging to Ye Jian, noticed that the target vehicle had broken out of the encirclement on the radar. He frowned.

The two cars in front didn’t block the captain’s car!

“His car flew over our roof. We couldn’t block it even if we wanted to,” the recruit in Car No. 9 replied with a sad expression. “He’s already driving his car like this. His strength is far behind ours.”

To think that they thought that they would be able to stop their captain. In the end, reality was cruel.

The recruits in Car No. 1, 2, and 3 didn’t come back to their senses for a long time.

Flying over their cars… A move like that was indeed unstoppable.

Then, another group of comrades said, “None of your five cars blocked the captain? He took a shortcut and rushed to the top of the mountain! Brothers on the top of the mountain, get ready!”

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