Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2957

2957 Dazzling Moment

Ye Jian had already arrived at the metal ring target.

The metal ring was suspended on a climbing rope. Although it was heavy, the rain and the wind that blew across the swamp made the metal ring tremble slightly. It undoubtedly increased the difficulty. Some snipers even started cursing in low voices.

This was because it was too difficult!

The bullet needed to pass through the metal ring. They couldn’t break the metal ring or the rope. Once they were broken… there was no way to use the rope to walk out of the swamp.

Ropes and metal rings were all auxiliary tools for passing through the swamp later. If one of them was damaged, there would be endless trouble.

This increased the psychological pressure on the snipers.

“God, this is too difficult. It’s still moving! Damn it! How can I let the bullet pass through the metal ring directly?”

“This rule is too harsh. If there’s no wind or rain, I’m confident that the bullet will shoot through the center of the ring, but the wind and rain are making the metal ring tremble. There’s no way to aim at it! All the parameters have been changed!”

“I need a quiet moment, then I can get it done.”

“No, buddy, we don’t have that much time to give you. We need to hurry up and leave this place. Don’t forget that we still have the second zone.”

There was a short exchange among the participating members of the various countries. They were all stumped by the difficulty level of the metal ring target.

It was indeed very difficult. When Ye Jian saw the target during the day, she knew how difficult it was. It could be said that it was almost impossible to complete.

It was fine if the target was fixed, but the target couldn’t be fixed. Even if she adjusted the parameters and found the right angle, once the erratic wind blew and the metal ring trembled, everything would be in vain.

In the past, Uncle Chen taught her that the best chance for a sniper was to hide at night.

He also told her that a sniper who was leaning toward daytime sniping training would gain nothing at nighttime battle. Not only that, but even survival would be a problem.

Hence, half of her sniping training was spent at night, especially after the delta training. When she came out of school at night, she began night sniping training. It was uninterrupted.

She had trained with metal rings before. The results of her training… were alright. However, the metal rings she trained on were heavier than the metal rings in front of her. They wouldn’t tremble easily from the wind and rain.

Ye Jian’s gaze was a little different when she met a new challenge. Her dark eyes were filled with interest.

After calculating the range as per the rules of the competition, Ye Jian wanted to use the frame to stabilize the sniper rifle. Xia Jinyuan, who had been following beside her, said calmly, “The frame is not balanced enough. Put it on me to improve the balance.”

It was indeed a good choice. Ye Jian nodded and asked him, “What position are you used to?”

“Anything is fine. However, it’s best to use this position.” As Xia Jinyuan spoke, he stood in front of Ye Jian, who was half-squatting. Then, he turned around and knelt on the ground with his knees facing the left. He leaned forward and placed his hand on his head. It was like a baby sleeping with its hips raised. He used his waist to allow Ye Jian to balance the sniper rifle.

Ye Jian placed the sniper rifle on his strong waist and started setting up the parameters of the sniper rifle.

“The metal ring target is a little difficult. Calm down and complete the sniping.” When the rifle was placed, Xia Jinyuan said calmly, “There are only a few sporadic gunshots now. They’re still carrying out the previous round of sniping. They haven’t started shooting the metal ring and shell targets yet. This round, you don’t have to wait for the snipers from other countries to shoot. If you think you can shoot, shoot directly.”

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