Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 949

Chapter 949: Not angry, calm down

Ever since the Third Prince’s reputation grew, the Second Prince, the Fourth Prince, and the Fifth Prince had hugged each other, and the three of them soon got involved, preparing to gather the power of all three parties to pull the Third Prince down.

“The Third Prince is going back to the capital tomorrow, are you ready?” The Second Prince looked at the Fourth Prince and the Fifth Prince. He seemed to be the eldest among the three.

The relationship between the Fourth Prince and the Second Prince was already strong. Although the Fifth Prince came in later, he would be able to cause trouble, and his relationship with the Second Prince was no less concessionary. After hearing what the Second Prince said, the Fifth Prince immediately said: “Second Brother, don’t worry, be at ease. After tomorrow, the Third Brother will fall from the clouds into the dust.”

“That’s why I’m relieved. The third Brother has become less and less useless recently. If I don’t teach him a lesson, he will be the crown prince.” Thinking of the Emperor’s order, asking these brothers to go outside the city to welcome the third son. The Second Prince felt as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

What did the Third Prince do to get so much credit?

The Eldest Prince went to war on the battlefields in the past few years. He made great achievements several times and almost died on the battlefield several times. However, the Emperor did not see anyone personally greet him, let alone receive any awards from the Emperor.

The Eldest Prince had no idea that his brother was complaining about him. Even if he knew, the Eldest Prince would not take it to heart.

He has passed the age where he expects his father to pay attention to him.

The next day, the Eldest Prince arrived at the palace early. After meeting with his brothers and civil and military ministers, he went to the city gate to greet the Third Prince.

The Eldest Prince was not dissatisfied with this, nor did he feel insulted. He has never had a status in the Emperor’s heart. The Emperor has always been interested in the Third Prince, so it was normal for him to go to such trouble to build momentum for the Third Prince.

However, he didn’t care, but others didn’t think so. As soon as the Eldest Prince arrived, many civil and military ministers looked at him openly or covertly, with sympathy and gloating, and of course, some were watching the show.

In the past, the Seventh Prince would have been one to watch the good show, but now seeing the Eldest Prince being isolated, he felt a little sad.

His eldest brother was just not good at words and couldn’t speak, so their imperial father didn’t like him. But in fact, he was much more capable than the Third Prince.

Seeing the Eldest Prince standing alone, after hesitating for a moment, the Seventh Prince walked up to him and said, “Eldest Brother.” He knew it was not good to do this, but he couldn’t help it.

“Seventh Brother? Don’t come here, stand aside.” When the Eldest Prince saw the Seventh Prince, he was happy at first, but then his face became dark.

He was a prince who was not liked by the Emperor, and the court officials also looked down upon him. It was not good for the Seventh Prince to get close to him.

“Brother, can I stand by your side?” The Seventh Prince’s eyes were slightly sour. Since he was kidnapped by the bandits and experienced the warmth and coldness of the world, he was no longer as naive as before. But seeing that the Eldest Prince was thinking about him wholeheartedly, he can’t help but be moved.

“No, this is a good position for me. I’ll just stand aside.” In front of others, the Eldest Prince did not give the Seventh Prince a good look.

It was not his fault, but everyone who comes close to him will be rejected by their imperial father. If not for this, how could there not be a single courtier around him?

“But…” The Seventh Prince also understood in his heart that he was just aggrieved for everyone. His good brother, why should his father be such a bastard?

“No, but. You go!” The Eldest Prince said with a cold face. Seeing the sadness on the Seventh Prince’s face, he felt a little relieved.

As long as he acted like this, others would think he was bullying his seventh brother, that was enough.

The Seventh Prince didn’t speak, he just glanced at the Eldest Prince, turned his head, and left angrily. As if he had fallen out with the Eldest Prince.

The Second Prince, the Fourth Prince, and the Fifth Prince all smiled similarly, with a hint of pride in their hearts.

Although they were not as favored as the Third Prince, they were much better than the Eldest Prince. Compared with the Eldest Prince, what do they feel aggrieved for?

The Sixth Prince always stood outside the other princes and was not close to them, but unlike the Eldest Prince who was shunned by others, the Sixth Prince disdained being in the same league as the Second Prince.

After waiting for a while, under the Emperor’s order, led by the Second Prince, a group of princes and civil and military ministers rushed to the city gate, preparing to welcome the third prince into the city.

This shows how much the Emperor dislikes seeing the Eldest Prince. Even for such obvious things, the Emperor would not hesitate to slap the Eldest Prince in the face.

“What on earth is the Emperor thinking? Even if he wants to suppress the Eldest Prince, he shouldn’t be like this, right?” Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao took the Hua Family’s youngest son, sitting in a tea house facing the street. They saw the Second Prince walking in front of the crowd with his head up high. She couldn’t help but frown.

The Eldest Prince was doing too badly in the Central Empire. No, the Emperor was probably too partial. A majestic Emperor treats a son like this. He who has less ability to withstand stress would die of depression.

“He is the emperor, he can do whatever he wants, and the emperor is quite wise in political affairs. The ministers will not care about his son.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t think there was anything wrong.

The Emperor held the greatest power in the world. His preferences can be infinitely magnified, and he can do whatever he wants. The Emperor was only partial on the issue of his son, but he was good in everything else, which can be considered a good monarch.

Emperors were also human beings, people cannot expect all emperors to be wise.

“It’s too much. Has he ever thought about what the Eldest Prince would think? If the Eldest Prince’s mental capacity is a little bit worse, he will probably suffocate himself to death.” Lin Chujiu was such a person. Although she had a fight with the Eldest Prince before and she didn’t want to deal with him, now that he was one of their own, of course, she had to protect him.

Even though she was unable to protect the Eldest Prince, her words of protection were still protection!

“The Emperor does not regard the Eldest Prince as his son. As long as the Eldest Prince does not regard him as his father, it is balance.” How can the children of the royal family be so fragile? It was very common for imperial fathers and sons to have bad relationships, nor the mothers and sons. So what is so strange about this?

“That makes sense.” If people don’t have hope in their hearts, they won’t be disappointed or sad, but it will be difficult to calm down after all.

Lin Chujiu sighed softly. Seeing this, Xiao Jiu rolled his big eyes in a circle, then used his fat paws to grab a piece of pastry and stuffed it into Lin Chujiu’s mouth: “Brother is right, sister is right. Xiao Jiu is good to their brother, Xiao Jiu is also good to his sister. Brother ignores Xiao Jiu, Xiao Jiu will also ignore brother. Sister, let’s not pay attention to brother.”

After feeding Lin Chujiu, Xiao Jiu grabbed another piece of pastry, stuffed it into his mouth, and then showed off to Xiao Tianyao with a proud look on his face, with the words ‘I won’t give it to you’ written on his face.

After seeing this, the injustice Lin Chujiu felt just now was wiped away. And she couldn’t help but laugh. She touched Xiao Jiu’s head and said happily: “Xiao Jiu is right, we won’t pay attention to that brother.”

It doesn’t matter if the Emperor doesn’t pay attention to the Eldest Prince, it gives them opportunities. Because of the Emperor, their position in the Eldest Prince’s heart will become more and more stable.

As for the Third Prince?


No matter how much the Emperor favors the Third Prince, he will fall today……

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