Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4581 Primal Bloodline

Chapter 4581 Primal Bloodline

“Senior, did you mistake me for someone else?” asked Long Chen.

“I cannot be wrong. While the dragon blood coursing in your tendons may elude the detection of others, it cannot escape the senses of my white dragon race. Within your tendons, I see the most primal divine ability runes of the dragon race. Although they are in an embryonic form, the noble Sovereign qi courses deep within them. That’s why I am sure you are the heir of the Dragon Sovereign,” declared the enormous white dragon.

Seeing the enormous white dragon so sure, Long Chen was shaken. Was the mysterious dragon expert really from the dragon race’s Sovereign clan?

After all, it was too mysterious, only imparting the Dragon Soul Body Forging Art, Dragon Roars at the Nine Heavens, Divine Dragon Pendulum Tail, and the Cloud Dragon Immolation Claw to Long Chen

In the past, Long Chen had felt these moves to be absolutely peerless, but as his power gradually rose, they could no longer keep up with his requirements.

That was especially true in his battle with the Golden Fur Heaven Merging Monkey race. He found that his dragon blood started to wane in combat, and he had to rely more on his astral energy in the future.

This realization left him extremely dejected. According to the monkey, Long Chen had lost to it because the power of his dragon blood was unable to defeat it. While Long Chen struggled to accept this reality, he also recognized the necessity of doing so.

Now, hope reignited in his heart. Having seen through his thoughts, the white dragon said, “Do not worry. Your inheritance stems from the esteemed Sovereign clan of the true dragon race. Moreover, the one bestowing this legacy upon you is none other than the Dragon Sovereign himself. The potency of the dragon race’s divine abilities lies not in the technique, but in the power of the dragon blood itself. While your dragon blood may be pure, it is also significantly diluted, and its potency is below the king level. Engaging in combat against a pureblooded entity at the World King level using dragon blood from the Immortal King realm naturally places you in a disadvantageous position. This isn’t your fault.”

Its voice resonated with weight and authority, yet it also carried a profound sense of reverence. Long Chen finally realized that it was right. The disparity in realms and quantity naturally placed him at a disadvantage.

A few drops of dragon blood in the Immortal King realm against a pureblooded World King ancient demonic beast? There was a vast disparity between them.

Thinking of that, Long Chen instantly felt full of confidence, so he cupped his fists toward the white dragon. “Many thanks for the reminder. I have another question for you, senior. Princess Yingxue says that there is a dragon scale of the Sovereign clan in the core of the dragon cemetery. Is that true?”

“It is true, but that is not your ultimate goal,” responded the white dragon, its tone filled with a special meaning.

“What do you mean?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“Countless dragon nests are buried here, so don’t you think this place has a special meaning behind it? There is an immense secret hidden here. Many people think that the ultimate treasure of this place is the Sovereign clan’s ancestral scale, but that is not true. Everyone’s attention is drawn to it, but my white dragon race can sense the power behind the Sovereign clan’s ancestral scale. Heir of the Dragon Sovereign, that is your true target. Please permit me to activate the dragon race’s primal bloodline within you. That is the only way for you to commune with the Sovereign clan’s ancestral scale.”

“Please do so, senior!”

Although Long Chen didn’t know what activating the primal bloodline would do, he trusted that this white dragon wouldn’t harm him.

After all, this white dragon was many times stronger than him, able to wipe him out of existence with a single thought. There was no need for it to scheme against Long Chen.

“Then I’ll offend you.” A large claw slowly reached out, its size so immense that it seemed to encompass the entire world, rendering Long Chen minuscule in comparison.

The tip of one of those claws pointed at Long Chen. Despite being just a tip, it was bigger than a mountain. With uncanny precision, it touched Long Chen on the forehead. He felt a slight pain as a small hole formed.

Following that, sacred energy poured into him, causing his tendons to tighten and his dragon blood’s power to suddenly erupt.

As a majestic dragon cry resounded, Long Chen found himself enveloped in golden scales. The Dragon King Battle Armor activated automatically, and his own dragon might surged forth.

Following that, Long Chen saw countless runes appear on his dragon tendons. Those were his dragon blood runes, resembling tiny dragons twisting.

When this sacred energy poured into them, those dragon-shaped runes lit up. Following that, Long Chen witnessed something he found difficult to believe: chains actually appeared on those runes, tightly binding each one of them.

“Could it be?”

Long Chen was startled. How could his dragon blood have a seal on it, and how had he never sensed it before? Was this left behind by the mysterious dragon expert? But it wouldn’t do such a thing, right?

“It is not a seal but the restriction of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth have applied a curse on my dragon race, limiting our power. Endure it. I will help you undo this restriction, and then your dragon blood will be able to flow freely without the limitations of heaven and earth’s laws.”

All of a sudden, one of the chains on the dragon runes exploded, and an immense pain instantly spread throughout Long Chen, causing his tendons to spasm.

Long Chen gritted his teeth and didn’t make a sound. He had already experienced pain on this level many times, so he knew he could endure it.

As more sacred light flowed into his dragon tendons, the chains binding the dragon runes started to shatter one by one. The liberated dragon runes then surged forth like untamed steeds shaking off their restraints, racing wildly through Long Chen’s veins and meridians.

Very quickly, millions of those runes were set free, and dragon blood flowed through Long Chen’s veins wildly. Long Chen couldn’t help but raise his head and let out a resounding roar as if finally experiencing true freedom.

Breaking these chains didn’t directly elevate his dragon blood power. However, the speed at which he could circulate it was now a hundred times greater.

Now, it finally felt like his own blood, following his will. Whenever he used his dragon blood divine abilities in the future, he would no longer take so much time to accumulate energy.

After all, instantaneous powerful moves were the most effective moves there were. Long Chen was incredibly excited now.

“Many thanks for your aid, senior.” Long Chen respectfully bowed to the white dragon. This debt weighed heavily on him.

“You’re too courteous. The white dragon race is the Sovereign clan’s most loyal servant, so this is simply what we should do. Now that your bloodline has been freed from its chains, every rune has transformed from a mere creek to a great sea. It can limitlessly absorb dragon blood energy. You can now go to the core and commune with the Sovereign clan’s ancestral scale. Heir of the Dragon Sovereign, I can only help you this much. You’ll have to rely on yourself for the rest of your journey. I wish you good luck,” replied the white dragon.

“Your help is of incalculable value to me. I will remember this favor forever,” exclaimed Long Chen as he bowed to express his gratitude again.

After that, the white light around him quivered, and the scenery before him vanished. He now stood under the giant white dragon scale again.

Long Chen looked at Bai Yingxue. Her eyes were closed, her expression serious. She seemed to be in the midst of some trial.

Not daring to disturb her, he walked out of the white light and passed through the crowd. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed a group of people, so he immediately rushed over and slapped one of them to the ground.

“Speak, where is the Netherdragon race’s Ten Thousand Dragon Nest?”

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