My Vampire System

Chapter 20 A Problem

Chapter 20 A Problem

As Quinn opened his mouth wide, he could feel the ends of his teeth start to grow, he didn't know what had come over him and it was as if his body had just taken control, his mind wasn't all there.

His teeth quickly sunk into Layla's skin and at the same time, a gush of blood entered Quinn's mouth. However, Layla didn't feel any pain from this but instead, it felt like pleasure. A tingling sensation ran through her body as she felt the blood rush up through and out of her neck.

Even if she wanted to resist, she couldn't, the bite seemed to have a paralysis effect.

Finally, Quinn's hunger was going away.

[Your hunger has decreased ]

[Your hunger has decreased ]

[You will no longer lose HP]

Even though the messages had appeared, Quinn continued to suck Layla's blood away.

[HP regenerating]

[HP regenerating]

[15/15 HP]

Then when the last message had appeared, Quinn's mind had finally come back to him. He let got of Layla, causing her body to fall to the ground.

"What the?" Quinn said as he looked around himself, only then noticing Layla on the ground.

"Did I do that?"

Then images of what he had just done popped into his head, although at the time he felt like he had no control, in the end, his whole body still working causing him to remember everything he had done.

[A+ blood type has been absorbed]

[ You have gained 1+ strength]

Although Quinn wanted to check what the message had said and what it had it meant, he needed to get Layla out of the library fast. Even though they were in a quiet part of the library, there was no telling when somebody would come back.

Thankfully Quinn could see Layla breathing so he at least knew she wasn't dead but there were two clear bite marks on her neck that needed to be dealt with. Quinn then lifted Layla up with his two hands, finding her surprisingly lighter than he thought.

As Quinn headed to the Doctor's office, he couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. A part of him thought that the system might have just been playing tricks on him. Even though he could see his HP going down, he never felt like he was going to die at any point.

And Quinn didn't even know if going to 0 HP meant death but after what had happened today, he didn't want to find out.

There were a few things Quinn needed to do. He needed to find out how frequent his body required blood. To do this meant he would have to once again starve his body of blood.

But this time he would get blood beforehand, so he would be better prepared. But before even all that, he had another serious problem in his hands. Layla, would she remember anything when she got up, or would Quinn have to convince her to keep it a secret?

If others were to find out of his rare ability it would start a bidding war between the private companies and military. They would do anything to get their hand on a new type of ability.

Before anyone could find out about Quinn, he needed to be strong enough to protect himself.

While Quinn walked down the hallway, he got quite a few looks from the other students, it wasn't strange to see someone carry an injured person in the school but it was strange for a boy to carry a girl unless they were an item.

Finally, Quinn had reached the infirmary, where there was a single female doctor named Hayley, who looked to be in her early thirties. She wore round glasses and had her hair up in a ponytail. Quinn never got the chance to mess around with girls while he was at school but looking at the doctor, he couldn't help but appreciate her natural beauty.

"Another one?" Hayley said. "There's a bed free at the back, take her over there."

Quinn did as he was told and placed Layla gently on one of the single beds in the back. The infirmary was quite large, Quinn had never seen a school have one so big. There was a total of 30 beds but Hayley was the only one working there.

At the moment about half the beds were filled up with students and Quinn couldn't help but notice most of them were low levels. There were the odd high levels as well. Even they got into their own fights and disagreements.

Hayley came over to where Quinn and Layla were and started to examine Layla. She placed her hand around her Wrist and did a few other checks. That's when she noticed the two small hole marks on her neck.

"What happened? Hayley asked.

"I'm not sure, I was in the library when I saw her on the ground like that," Quinn replied.

"I don't know how long she was passed out for but the wound on her neck looks like it's already healing on its own." Hayley said, "Still I can't be sure if it will heal and it would be a shame if a pretty girl like her got a scar."

Hayley then placed her hand on Layla's neck where the bite marks were. She closed her eyes and after a few seconds, lifted her hands and the bite marks had vanished.

"Is it okay if I wait here for her?" Quinn asked.

"Oh, young kids these days," Hayley said laughing. "I didn't realise you two were like that."

"No, No, no," Quinn said waving his arms. "Were just friends that's all."

After Hayley had gone away to look after other students, Quinn decided to open up his system.

[ Strength 11]

[ Agility 11]

[Stamina 10]

"It really did give me an extra stat point after all?"

After sucking Layla's blood, it seemed like he had gained a stat point. Quinn remembered after defeating opponents the system would give him an additional quest to suck his victim's blood. The reward was a stat point but it seemed like there was no need for him to get a quest.

Was Quinn able to drink anyone's blood and gain stat points, what happened if Quinn was to drink Layla's blood again, would he gain another stat? there were so many questions Quinn wanted answers for.

He looked at Layla lying there peacefully. Right now, he was in complete control of his body and there was no urge for him to suck on Layla's neck again. After checking his teeth, he realised that they had gone back to normal.

That's when Quinn decided to look around the room, until he finally found what he was looking for, a syringe with a needle. Quinn looked around the room and saw that Hayley was busy dealing with another student. He carefully took the syringe and hid it behind his back and then quickly scooted over to where Layla was once more.

"I'm really sorry about this Layla." Quinn said, "But you're going to have to be my guinea pig."

Quinn took out the syringe and carefully looked at where Layla's veins were. Luckily Layla was quite pale making her veins more visible.

Quinn searched carefully for the right spot and was ready but just as Quinn was about to extract some blood, he heard someone crash into the room.

"Is Quinn here." A boy's voice said.

"Isn't that Peter?" Quinn immediately put the syringe in one of his trouser pockets and went to see what was happening.

"Quinn you're here, come quick, I've been looking everywhere for you. It's Vorden, he's in trouble!"

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