My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 3676

3676 [ x ] 390

“however, since my dragon clan’s descendant has said that you are indeed the ones who saved them, this king can forgive you and not let you enter the beast dao after death. However, the death penalty was a must. Other than this human who signed a life and death contract with my dragon clan’s descendant, all of you will not be able to escape death today.”

They knew that they were the ones who saved the little Divine Dragon, yet they still wanted them dead?

Even if Nangong Nuan Nuan’s mouth could deceive people to death, she didn’t want to say anything more to this little kid.

this time, it was bai liyue who couldn’t help but sneer. ” “It’s said that the gods are three feet above us, and the heavens are watching us. It seems that this sentence is nonsense.”


“What do you mean by that?” Young prince Zhan’s face was cold as he asked,”Don’t tell me you think you’re right after you’ve abducted my descendant?”

little brat, ” Nangong Nuan said with a warm smile, ” you might not have watched TV before. You don’t know what we hate the most, do you? ”

Nangong Nuannuan had just started calling him ‘little brother’, but now she was calling him a little brat. This made Zhan Lichuan feel a little uncomfortable.

Such a pretty and cute little sister should not have hurt people so badly.

“i will allow you to elaborate,” he still asked.

Nangong Nuannuan was running out of patience with this polite little brat. he rolled his eyes and said, ” the most annoying plot is that when the protagonist meets the big bad guy, he experiences a huge disaster that almost kills him. in the end, he finally managed to escape the danger with his own efforts. just when all the audience thinks that the protagonist can finally live freely and well, the police, who have been doing nothing all this time, appear. Do you know what the police are? It was to maintain public order. for example, you and the soldiers behind you. They didn’t distinguish between right and wrong and erased everything the protagonist had done. Just when the audience thought there would be a perfect ending, the police, who should have appeared but had never appeared, came out to uphold justice after the dust settled. And you are such a person!”

“These four little divine Dragons have been locked up for a full 5000 years. Where have you been as the dragon clan’s Prince for the past 5000 years? when they were locked up by black iron and couldn’t move for five thousand years, only able to open their mouths to spit water, where were you, their King? Now that I’ve rescued them, they’re free and willing to follow me, but your Prince came and said that I’m raising your dragon clan’s descendants. What right do you have to criticize us?”

When Zhan Lichuan heard this, he felt that the other party’s words made sense.

However, he was here to punish these humans today, so he said, ” “Five thousand years ago, this King wasn’t born yet, so I didn’t understand this matter. My father only recently entrusted me with the task of investigating the lost Divine Dragon. However, what you said makes sense.

However, divine Dragons were not allowed to form any life and death contracts with humans. This was the bottom line. What you’re doing is blasphemy against the dragon clan. Even if he could avoid death, he could not escape punishment. With so many people watching, this King can’t let those who have been infected by the dragon clan get away with it. Now, you can all return with this King. Life or death, wait for this King to confirm before deciding. Men, capture them for this King.”

“hey, why can’t you wait until you’ve figured out the ins and outs of the matter before you come to arrest him?” Selina couldn’t take it anymore and accused him.

“This King doesn’t have so many reasons for doing things! Arrest him.”

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