My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2459

2459 Fighting Begins

Fifth Qin looked coldly at Mu Rouxuan. “What if this young sir refuses?”

Not every person needed to give your Mu Clan face.

Qiao Mu applauded in her mind, and her thrill-seeking expression showed: Hurry and fight! Speaking so much nonsense.

She remembered her master telling her that one need to be swift to subdue the enemy first!


Saying too much nonsense never led to a good ending. It would possibly lead to the enemy’s counterattack and victory.

She had ingrained this into her mind and never dared to forget, but at present, both sides had already been at a stand-off for half an hour, with neither side budging.

Qiao Mu rolled her eyes. She tugged the crown prince’s sleeve stealthily.

“Hm?” The crown prince looked down at her and caressed her petite head. “You find it annoying? Then let’s go.”

This drama didn’t look that interesting.

Qiao Mu concurred after giving it a thought. Instead of wasting time here and watching them threaten each other, they might as well go back to the boat to rest.

Crown Prince Mo gestured to Fang Su with his gaze, and the latter promptly brought men toward the fifth young sir’s direction while saying, “Make way, make way.”

Yet it was at this time that Mu Rouxuan suddenly made a move.

She moved extremely quickly, like a shadow flashing past. She had already reached the Qin Estate’s hidden guard and flung over an attack talisman, quick as lightning.

However, the Qin Estate’s hidden guard was not an ordinary person. He didn’t even bat an eyelid nor was he too surprised when he saw the attack talisman coming. A spiritual saber jumped out from his conscious pool and cut off the power from the attack talisman.

Mu Rouxuan knew that this person would not be easy to deal with, so she had simultaneously summoned her contracted spiritual beast, an azure spiritual fire python, when she flung the attack talisman.

That python suddenly occupied a large area at the entrance to the corridor. The people spectating all ran into the corridor in fear.

With this, the entrance was truly obstructed now.

Seeing that they really did start fighting, Qiao Mu wasn’t in a hurry anymore to drag Mo Lian back to the boat.

She also wanted to assess the ability of this eldest young lady of the Mu Clan.

From the looks of it, her talisman-crafting had reached yellow-level entry rank.

She should be 16 this year. From the perspective of ordinary people, becoming a yellow-level talisman practitioner at 16 defintiely made her a prodigy among prodigies, fully deserving of being the prodigious eldest young lady of the Mu Clan.

Her outstanding elder brother, Mu Xingchen, perhaps was not her equal when he was also 16, but that was because there was no comparison.

There was naturally no harm without comparison.

The great majority of the Mu Clan was unaware of Qiao Mu’s existence. Therefore, the eldest young lady of the Mu Clan, Mu Rouxuan, was definitely the cream of the crop of the Mu Clan’s younger generation, but now, Qiao Mu had returned.

Qiao Mu had stepped foot onto the Divine Province.

Qiao Mu’s appearance was about to break the Mu Clan’s history books for the youngest black-level talisman practitioner.

*Bang!* The two fireballs Mu Rouxuan threw out got blocked by the Qin Estate’s hidden guard.

When everyone saw that the Qin Estate’s hidden guard did not summon his own contracted beast, they understood the situation.

It was definitely because this eldest young lady’s azure spiritual fire python was more formidable than his contracted beast, so summoning it would result in an instant kill. Perhaps, the contracted beast’s injuries might even cause him a backlash.

As a result of this though, the hidden guard was soon disadvantaged fighting one against two.

However, the hidden guard did not show agitation or horror. He calmly took out a pill bottle from his pocket and tossed a pill into his mouth.

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