Monster Integration

Chapter 3134 Caged

Chapter 3134 Caged

"Yes, yes, yes…" I kept muttering slowly as I controlled seventeen energies as the reaction happened in a triple-globe boiling flask.

I am creating something good; it is for the refinement method. It will increase its efficiency and decrees those side effects.

I had to do it because if I had refined my body with Primary-II doras crystal toxins, it will tear me apart.

So, I am processing it and mixing it with a few other things. I had done it before this time; the changes are bigger. Thanks to all the data I had gathered in my practice with it.


Suddenly, the yellow-blue liquid caught fire and begin to burn rapidly, releasing toxic grey smoke. I wanted it with expectant eyes as it burns and a couple second later, the fire disappeared, leaving behind a thumb size, pale yellow stone.

Seeing that, a smile appeared on my face.

I took out the pale yellow rock. There is had been eleven failed attempts and a lot of resources wasted, but it is all worth it.

I had been able to refine it, and now, I will test it.

I threw the rock, and it appeared on the formation while I get out of my core, and begin practicing the method.


The formation had activated, and pale yellow energy entered inside me from my core and immediately my expression changed.

The energy is painful and the circulation of it is going to be even more painful. That did not stop me, as I circulated the energy.

One circulation after another circulation finished, and soon it was the fortieth circulation, where things have become truly painful. I wanted to stop desperately, but I know, if I stop, it will take me a lot of time to reach the forty-ninth circulation.

I can not have that. I could not stop without reaching the circulation at 49th. It will be fine if I had stayed there for a moment, but I only need to reach there.

So, I used every bit of willpower I have and kept pushing. Reaching 41stcirculation, 42nd, and then 43rd.

Every circulation made it difficult to move forward, and the thought of giving up overwhelmed me, but I know I could not do that. I need to reach the 49th circulation and I will achieve that target.

I don't know how long it had passed, but I had reached the 48thcirculation.

Now it had become truly difficult that I had nearly stopped a couple of times breaking the rhythm. If that had happened, I would have needed to start from the beginning and I don't think I would have the energy without a few hours of rest.

So, I kept pushing and pushing, nearly failing a couple of times, before finally reaching the 49th circulation.


As I reached the forty-ninth circulation, the energy hummed and spread into body and soul. Cleansing them from the deep within and refining them at the same time.

Seeing the result, I couldn't help but became surprised. It is good, better than I had estimated. If I had used the pure primary-III Daros toxin alone, I wouldn't have gotten such a significant result.

Seeing the result, my tired mind felt energized, and I continued circulating in the 49th circulation.

My plan was to reach there, before stopping as I know, next time, I could push harder. Now, after seeing the result, I wanted to continue pushing until I used every ounce of the will I had.

As I circulated, the energies went deeper and deeper, refining and cleansing my body and soul.

It had also brought out terrible-smelling impurities. That is even such pain. I am smelling them and wanted to puke. I resisted the urge and continued, till I could not anymore.


I fall down a second later, while fire covered my body. I need to use great effort and could only sustain the fire for a second before it had gone away, but it was fine. My fire is powerful enough that in one second, it had burned the impurities to ashes.

The faint smell remained. It is disappearing fast. I don't know whether it is cleansing formations of the training room working or sleep-taking me.

I slept, and it was a deep sleep that lasted for more than five hours. My clones had let me sleep till I woke up on my own.

As I woke up, I wanted to shower first, but I resisted the urge and instead went to my core. There I looked at my meta-scan and compared it with the meta-scan before practice and the difference is stark.

It is not just cleansing, and strengthening it is much better, but the side effects are also much lesser.

It is amazing that I am having a hard time believing it, but the result is in front of me.

With this, my path to reach the Peak of Primary II had become a little smoother. Still, I shudder.

When I think about the pain, I will need to bear it at every session, but I will do it.

It did not matter the pain I need to bear. What matters is the result. As long as there is a result, I will bear any pain.

I studied the result for a few minutes before opening my eyes and walking out of the practice room and directly going to the bathroom. There, I took a shower with amazing water; it made me forget all the pain that I had experienced.

I had been in this abode for five days and in these five days. I had not gotten out of the abode even once.

They had locked the door, saying they will call me out when it is time to leave.

These people literally kept me captive, and it made me extremely angry, but I had kept my anger in my heart. Never showing it on my face. Waiting for a day, when I will reveal it.

It would be the day these people will cry.

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