Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3775

Chapter 3775: Before And After

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Everyone had no objections to this arrangement, so after responding, they sat down to rest.

Feng Jiu sat under the tree and took out some water to drink, then she closed her eyes and rested against the tree. It wasn’t until an unfamiliar voice had drifted over that she opened her eyes and looked over.

She saw that Jin Yifeng had greeted a middle-aged man not far away from her and they were chatting and laughing, they seemed to know each other. Next to the middle-aged man were two men and two women. At this moment, those people were staring at the people on this side, and when their eyes fell on her belly, one of the women exclaimed in surprise.

“Ah? She dares to come into the Wilderness of Chaos and Danger when she is pregnant?”

“Xin’er, don’t be impudent!” The middle-aged man shouted and nodded apologetically towards Feng Jiu saying: “Madam, please don’t be offended. The young girl is ignorant.”

Feng Jiu smiled: “It’s fine, what she said is true.” She withdrew her gaze and placed a hand on her belly, then she closed her eyes and rested again.

“Captain Jin, we are considered close acquaintances, you don’t have to be so polite towards me since we have bumped into each other here. I have already instructed my men to prepare some roast meat, why don’t all of you join us and eat together?” The middle-aged man invited him with a smile.

“It’s fine, I have already sent some of my men to go hunting, we will have something to eat shortly. We didn’t come out on our own this time either, we are on a mission so it won’t be convenient.” Jin Yifeng refused with a smile.

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man nodded: “In that case, I won’t insist.

We won’t bother you.” He cupped his hands in front of him and looked at Feng Jiu and the others, then he led the people with him back to their resting place ahead.

As they walked back, one of the women couldn’t help but whisper: “Those people are so strange to bring a pregnant woman to a place like this. And the total number in their team is only less than thirty, that’s less than half of our team.”

The expression of the man next to her stiffened slightly and he said to her: “Other than the mercenaries, the other people don’t look like guards. They look more like young ladies and masters from aristocratic families.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone who dares to come into the

Wilderness of Chaos and Danger whilst pregnant. It’s iust too ridiculous.”

The other man shook his head as he spoke. Even the most highly skilled cultivators wouldn’t be able to avoid incurring injuries in this place. And that woman was so heavily pregnant, yet she still dared to come to such a place.

“Enough, don’t interfere with other people’s business. Just mind our own business! Don’t forget what we’ve come for this time.” The middle-aged man said, and glanced at them warningly.

Those people had wanted to say more, but upon hearing his words, they didn’t say any more and returned to their resting place and sat down instead. However, they were unable to stop looking at Feng Jiu and the others.

The two groups rested there until the next morning. The mercenary team continued to move forward with Feng Jiu and the others. However, not long after they left, the team behind them also followed in the same direction.

“Captain, why are they walking in the same direction as us?” One of the mercenaries looked back and asked in a low voice.

Jin Yifeng’s eyes flashed slightly. He looked back and said: “Maybe it’s just for this section of the path. After all, this is such a big place, just because they are walking behind us doesn’t mean that they are taking the same path. Even if they are taking the same path, we will each walk our own way and will have nothing to do with each other.”

Upon hearing this, the mercenaries didn’t say any more. However, the two groups walked in tandem for the rest of the morning and the expressions on some of the mercenaries’ faces started to look annoyed..

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