Martial God Asura

Chapter 5827: The Reason For Choosing Juniors

Chapter 5827: The Reason For Choosing Juniors

Chapter 5827: The Reason For Choosing Juniors

“That’s simple. The treasure is there to nurture the juniors,” a voice echoed from one of the compartments.

“Can you elaborate more on the matter?” the beautiful elder asked.

“What else is there to elaborate on? It’s just there to nurture juniors. What about it do you not understand?” the voice replied.

“Do you know why only those below a hundred years old are considered to be juniors? Cultivators have a long life span that easily goes beyond ten thousand years. Some have even lived for hundreds of thousands of years. A hundred years is fleeting to a cultivator. Yet, why is there a demarcation on the hundred years mark?” the beautiful elder asked.

“Forget, I shan’t participate in the auction anymore. How wishy-washy. Just sell your treasure if you wish to; it’s not as if I can’t afford it. What’s with this wishy-washiness?” The person lost his patience, though evidently, he didn’t have an answer to the question either.

“Cultivators may have a long lifespan, but their ability to grasp new things is the highest in the first hundred years of their lifespan. That’s why there are people who reach great heights in the first hundred years, only to struggle to make a breakthrough in the subsequent thousands.

“Of course, there are highly intelligent people who continue growing at an incredible rate after going beyond a hundred years of age, but their potential is likely to have been higher when they were within a hundred years of age. That’s why those within a hundred years of age are termed as junior. It’s the most hopeful phase of their life.

“There are records unearthed from remnants stating that there’s no end in the path of cultivation, but the Martial God level is the highest level one can reach. It’s a level that most cultivators dare not dream of. Many powerhouses across the eras have tried but failed to reach. Even if they reach it, that’s the endpoint for them. They struggle to reach any higher.

“Thus, there’s a prevalent thought that if a person reaches Martial God level within a hundred years of age, he might be able to overcome this bottleneck and reach an even greater height. For that reason, a hundred years is deemed to be a checkpoint in evaluating prodigies, be it in the Immemorial Era, Ancient Era, or the present era. Most treasures and remnants also have the same restriction to make things convenient for juniors. It’s not just to nurture their own juniors but to also bring blessings to the world of cultivation.

“If a day comes when a cultivator within a hundred years of age reaches Martial God level, he can push the world of cultivation to an unprecedented height, surpassing the Immemorial Era and the Ancient Era. He will be the only true ruler of the world of cultivation,” an old man said. This old man hadn’t said a word thus far or participated in any of the bidding.

“Big brother, his words are interesting. Have you heard of that?” Little Fishy asked.

“Our father has told me something similar before. He saw it in an ancient remnant. More than that, I am certain that those from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion are here. That old man rarely shows himself, but I have seen him before, so I recognize his voice. He’s one of the Saint-tier elders of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, Jie Fengye,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“How strong is he?” Chu Feng asked.

“I don’t know how strong he is, but my father told me he rarely appears because he’s often in closed-door cultivation. I’d reckon he’s extremely strong, even among the 36 Saint-tier elders. Probably near pinnacle True Dragon,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

The beautiful elder chatted more with the old man whom Xianhai Shaoyu believed to be Jie Fengye before clapping.

“Milord, you’re truly knowledgeable. I have heard something similar before, and it does explain why there are restrictions imposed on ancient remnants and immemorial remnants that forbid all others except for juniors to enter. The item we have here comes from the Immemorial Era, and its name is very simple—Junior Blessing Formation. It’s rumored to be one of the first few treasures in the world of cultivation created specifically for juniors. It needs to be refined before it can be activated, but only a junior can refine it.

“This treasure is so old we don’t know whether the item is beneficial to world spirits or world spiritists; It’ll only be revealed when the item has been fully refined. Nevertheless, I don’t think this treasure will disappoint you,” the female elder said.

Those words further piqued the crowd’s interest in the Junior Blessing Formation.

“Stop beating around the bush and reveal the starting price.”

A few people in the crowd started urging them to continue.

Chu Feng even heard a familiar voice—it was the young man with the group wearing rucksack-like world spiritist cloaks. This young man had been displeased that Chu Feng was allowed into the auction earlier than them, and he boasted that he would destroy the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild.

“The starting price of this Junior Blessing Formation is fifty million sycees,” the beautiful elder said.

“So expensive?”

The crowd was taken aback. Most God Armaments weren’t even worth fifty million sycees, and those were invaluable treasures that most powers didn’t even have. Even galaxy overlords only had a limited number of them.

It felt ridiculous for this treasure to be priced at fifty million sycees.

“Did you get the price wrong? How can you be certain it’s worth so much when you don’t even know its function?” someone ranted.

There was no way they would bid so much money on this. It was not a small sum, and they wouldn’t squander their money away like this even if they could afford it.

“Everyone, I’m not done yet. This treasure is special in nature. If we sell it through our normal procedures, the starting price will be fifty million sycees. However, if someone is fated with the treasure, we’ll lower the bidding price to ten thousand sycees,” the beautiful elder said.

“Fated? How do you decide on that?” the crowd asked.

Ten thousand sycees was still a huge sum of money, but it was a sum most could afford, and the Junior Blessing Formation was intriguing enough for them to spend this money on it.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” The beautiful elder gestured with her hand.

Tok tok tok!

Someone knocked on the door of Chu Feng’s compartment.

“Sorry to interrupt, milord. If you are interested in the treasure, you may try and see if you’re fated with it.”

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