Lust Knight

Chapter 412: Lady Crassus

Chapter 412: Lady Crassus

While in Argerim, it is night, in Qia, the angelic world, the sun is rising over the city of Clester, one of the main cities of the angelic race.

In a giant castle on the edge of a lake, the day starts very complicatedly for the servants of one of the largest families in the angelic race, the Crassus House.

A large group of servants, non-winged-angels, made mainly of nurses, are waiting in front of the big gates of the castle. In front of that group, there is a female winged angel who appears to be about sixty years old but is actually three thousand six hundred old.

With a gentle expression, the old angel looks at the horizon while her gray wings seem about to collapse. She also looks concerned.

Then a smile appears on her face when she sees a group of winged angels walking toward the castle from a mile away.

"Lady Crassus is coming back!!" An angel over the gate exclaims, warning the others.

"Prepare to take care of the wounded." The old female angel orders the group of nurses.

"Bring the bathtub." She speaks, and two strong female servants step forward while carrying a palanquin, a platform mounted on two shafts for one passenger. In the case of that palanquin, instead of a pillow, it has a bathtub full of hot water on top.

The group of winged angels walking takes a little over a minute to reach the castle's front. They are about two thousand warriors in heavy armor, which are now covered with blood and dirt. All those warriors look very tired, and most of them have injuries, yet they have happy and proud expressions.

In front of them, there is a beautiful female angel with wings whiter than gray, which are now covered in blood and dirt, as well as her armor similar to that of the soldiers.

However, she is not a soldier, but the famous Alexa Crassus. Being almost 1.8 meters tall, she has fair skin, brown eyes, and long white hair.

"My lady, I am happy that you have returned safely." The old angel bows to Alexa.

Alexa's naturally stern expression changes to a gentle smile when she looks at the old angel. "You don't have to act that formally, Ligea."

"Sure, young lady," Ligea responds while signaling to the group of servants. They quickly begin to help the soldiers as they enter the castle.

The palanquin carriers approach Alexa, and then she quickly passes the long sword in her scabbard and shield to Ligea as to take off her armor, leaving only her underwear.

Her body is thin but muscular, and although her curves aren't too sexy, she is a complete beauty, having breasts and ass of excellent proportions.

Half of the servants and soldiers are men, but none of them even stop looking at the floor while Alexa enters the bathtub in underwear. They all respect her very much, and they also want to continue living.

"Ahh..." Alexa sighs as she feels her body relax in that hot water of the bathtub.

Ligea keeps Alexa's armor and weapons in her storage bracelet and signals the palanquin carriers to enter the castle while their master bathes in the bathtub.

"How did you resolve the conflict, my lady?" She asks respectfully.

Alexa raises her hand, and the water reddened by the blood of her wings runs down over her body. "Isn't it obvious? I killed that filthy pig and his shitty family."

Ligea sighs. "This is not really good, my lady..."

"Did you want me to let him steal my lands? That wasn't even because of that area, but because of disrespect. I can't just let people steal from me and go unpunished." Alexa responds.

"I agree with that..." Ligea speaks. "However, resolving conflicts by killing is making other lords... nervous. The emperor has already made it clear that we must not fight against our people, but rather resolve conflicts by legal judgments."

"Hahaha..." Alexa sarcastically laughs. "The emperor is just a puppet. The Gods don't like their slaves to kill themselves, so if I tried to solve that in a judgment, nothing would happen to that nasty thief."

Ligea is silent for a few seconds while she makes a concerned expression. "Young lady... we better be more careful after everything that has happened to our family."

"I know what I'm doing." She quickly responds. Then after a minute of just bathing while the palanquin carriers enter the castle's main hall, she speaks again. "What about June? Is she back yet?"

"About it... it's complicated... a lot of things happened in the Corvus House..." Ligea again makes a concerned expression, and now also hesitant.

"I thought Melitta would take care of everything. She seemed like a good woman and loyal to Lord Corvus." Alexa comments.

Ligea quickly begins to explain. "I'm sure Melitta would be an excellent leader for the Corvus House, and I also know that that was Lord Corvus' wish..."

"But?" Alexa asks.

"Lord Corvus had a brother still alive..." Ligea explains. "Lord Corvus did not have good relations with him, so they lived in another city. However, after his death, his brother claimed that his son would be the heir of the Corvus House because Lord Corvus had no descendants."

"Shit!!" Alexa does an upset expression. "What about that boy?"

"Well, Lord Corvus wasn't fond of them, so you can already imagine what he looks like." Ligea makes a sad expression. "I hear he's just a noble idiot from a shitty family."

"But now he is the leader of the Corvus House..." Alexa comments. "Lord Corvus did not deserve his legacy to end like this. He was a really good man... I owe him a lot for what he did for my grandmother."

"Yes, my lady, it is a pity that he did not have descendants... I think he only loved one woman in this life, even after what happened to her wings..." Ligea comments with a sad expression.

"My grandmother has always been the most beautiful woman in our world... I hope she is al..." Alexa comments with a thoughtful expression.

"She is still alive, I'm sure." Ligea smiles.

"Anyway, about the new Lord Corvus..." Alexa asks.

"I sent some spies to the Corvus House. I know the old Lord Corvus wouldn't like how things are going, so I thought we could help Melitta take the command..." Ligea begins to explain.

Alexa can see in Ligea's expression that something is wrong, so she gets concerned. "Just tell me what happened."

"You know that June really wants to please you, right?" Ligea continues. "She and her siblings also wanted to stay in the same family, so they kept looking for that cursed sword to give you and ask them to stay in our family together."

"June is a good assistant... She could have asked me for that without giving me anything, and I would have accepted her siblings into our family." Alexa comments.

Ligea smiles. "But June wouldn't accept things so easily. She really wants to be useful to you. That's why she and her siblings kept looking for that cursed sword."

"And apparently, they found something and reported it to Lord Corvus, but that was when he died. Then their group stopped contacting Corvus House. Melitta tried to advise the new Lord Corvus to go to June's last location and look for her and the sword." She explains.

"But they didn't tell us about that..." Alexa does an upset expression.

"Out of fear, my lady," Ligea explains. "They must have been afraid of you..."

Alexa knows well that many people fear her, but she does not attack anyone without good reason. "What they did next?"

Ligea quickly responds. "Melitta took a small group of captains to that inferior world with instant teleport gems while the new Lord Corvus prepare an army to follow them."

"My personal assistant and possibly something I really want is in that world but doesn't that bastard have the balls to go there?" Alexa shakes her head with a mocking expression.

She also starts to get up from the bath and tells the palanquin carriers to stop. "Give me back my armor and weapon."

"My lady..." Ligea removes Alexa's armor from her storage treasure but is hesitant to give it to her. "Perhaps we should think carefully about our next steps."

"I know, okay?" Alexa speaks. "I know that the emperor's spies are watching us. If they know that the cursed sword may be in that world, the situation will get messed up."

"So, what are you going to do, my lady?" Ligea asks.

Alexa quickly explains. "I will ensure that the new Lord Corvus will personally get my sword and rescue my assistant if she is still alive, of course."

"Be discreet, my lady, please," Ligea asks respectfully.

"Mm." Alexa makes a sound of agreement while quickly putting on her armor. "We have no way of knowing who else is looking for that sword, so even if it is an inferior world, we have to be prepared to go there ourselves."

Ligea nods. "I thought so too, so I started making preparations to us to get out of Qia without drawing the emperor's attention. But for that, we need at least three more days."

"This too time." Alexa can't wait to get the sword she has been looking for for many years.

"We cannot take any risks, my lady. I am going to leave the troops ready, but we need to wait three days for everything to work out." Ligea explains.

Alexa sighs. "I trust you, my old friend."

Then she takes her long silver sword from the old angel's hands and flies towards the sky. "I'll be right back."

Ligea looks at Alexa disappearing on the horizon and then speaks in a loud voice. "Make sure that the emperor's spies don't follow her."


Ten mysterious figures come out of the shadows and run in the direction that Alexa flew. Due to the history of the Crassus House and Alexa's personality, the emperor keeps several spies watching over her and her family.

But as spying on her without real reasons would be bad seemed by the community in general, nobody can know that which allows a war between spies to happen in the shadows.

They fight and die in the shadows without anyone but their leaders knowing. That is the cost for Alexa to have a private conversation with the new Lord Corvus.

After flying for two hours at super speed, Alexa travels a distance three times the distance to go from one side to the other of Argerim.

She arrives at the Dawn Castle, the main fortress of Corvus House. Then she flies towards a courtyard where a man orders a group of soldiers.

Alexa lands in the middle of that courtyard, drawing everyone's attention. She looks at the man in front of the group with a stern expression. "I need to speak to the new Lord Corvus."

That man, Agapius Corvus, looks at Alexa with a furious expression. "Who do you think you are to invade my castle like that??!?! Give me a good reason not to rip your head off right now!!"

Alexa is surprised that he does not recognize her. However, Agapius' soldiers quickly recognize the most feared angel of all time.

Many of them start to tremble with fear because Agapius is disrespectful to Alexa, but they are silent because they fear even more interrupting her conversation.

"Me?" Alexa asks rhetorically. "I'm..."


But before she says who she is, Alexa disappears. Moving at super-speed, she reappears in front of Agapius and punches him in the belly, causing him to spit a lot of blood and be thrown several meters backward, rolling on the floor.

"AAAARRGGHH!!" He chokes with his blood while in great pain, which prevents him even from getting up.

However, what shocks most Agapius is not Alexa's incredible strength or the fact that she attacked him in his house, but the fact that none of his soldiers are moving or even looking at them.

[What the hell is going on here??] He can't even speak while gazing at her.

"Who am I, do you ask?" Alexa smiles at Agapius.

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