Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2779 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! IV

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Chapter 2779 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! IV

2779 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! IV

It was a buzzing question in the mind of Extremity Solarium as she churned her Extremity Soul like an engine, half of her mind trusting that this mysterious Entity who had come to her knew what he was doing…but the other half understood the power that beings like her wielded!

They didn't even need a millisecond.

All they needed was an instant, and the records of anything Tier 3 and below could be erased.

Tier 4s would maybe take longer.

Above them, the Prime Devourer seemed to know this with surety as well as even with the appearance of Extremity Solarium and two other Entities at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity, he didn't seem to pressed.

As if he had somewhat expected this.

The target he sought to kill was one that could alter the very course of the current war.

Of course, he was someone prized and protected as in seeking to kill him, he expected to have forces of Vitalis swarm into this location!

But all he needed was an instant.

All that the [Annals Inquisitor] behind him needed was an instant.

And in this time, the Primogenitor of Talismans would protect and veil them as the entities who had responded first and arrived here would be the only ones to deal with.

And that…his main body could handle.

Even now, he was ever closer to his target seated on the throne as all Esteemed Emperors here knew a foregone conclusion!

That this entity on the throne…was about to perish with his records entirely erased!

The Prime Devourer knew this.

Extremity Solarium knew this.

So her visage moved like a crimson gold meteor as she hoped Osmont knew what he was doing enough to at least last an instant in the hands of the Vacuous Entity who was already more than halfway towards him as thereafter, she would save him!

She would-

Triing~! Triing~!

Her will and the will of all beings here instantly became immensely sharp as they…heard a melody, nay- a symphony.

On his throne, even Noah's will buzzed and spread out as the low symphony that should have been emanating from him…was commandeered.

It wasn't his symphony echoing out at this moment.

And the source was instantly locked onto.

On the far right side- within the bounds of the obsidian field of isolation being enacted by a dense number of talismans.

A fantastical scene of another Entity could be seen.

His visage was humanoid…with his skin being filled with lustrous white fur.

His hands were closer to paws as on his rear, a dazzling white furred tail pulsed with might and mystery as his head showed an enigmatic figure of an entity that had the features of…a monkey.

Lustrous white fur covered him all around except for his limbs and face as this Entity had…an instrument radiating the aura of a terrifying Armament of Extremity in the form of a Harp!

And around him, there was another instrument that looked like a mandolin, along with a Lute that also spun around him and began releasing a hymn as both of them were also Armaments of Extremity!


This new Entity was an anomaly for all beings here, Noah included, and as his fingers passed over the Harp while the Mandolin and Lute played off the beginning of a shocking symphony, this Entity seemingly felt everyone's gazes.

He gazed up calmly- at Noah first before his gaze speedily traversed towards all others as his voice rang out.

[Don't mind me as I will not be interfering. I am but a humble Bard appearing through space and time. The event occurring here today seems to be a significant one as I couldn't help but come to see which Symphony would be born from it.]


His words were akin to a bomb to 6 Entities here apart from Noah.

Their eyes flashed in shock as they finally dawned in realization.

The Vacuous Esteemed Infernal Emperors knew him because it was their job to know every mysterious and powerful Entities Recorded within the Vitalis Hyperversal Domains.

The Vitalis Esteemed Havenly Emperors knew him because he was an unconfirmed Primogenitor whose legends were sparse, but they appeared here and there!

Legends of the Extremity of Symphonies.

He appeared across the eons of time throughout major events or battles, a symphony being enacted by him at that time as it was always something that would be etched on the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

The time that the Extremity of Steel finished forging 81 Armaments of Extremity, this Entity had appeared.

The time that the Initiation Step of Extremity Sanctification of the First Haven began…he was there!

The time when the Investiture of Extremity was first enacted, he was there.

The Bard of Vitalis.

The Extremity of Instruments!

The White Monkey!


From him, a shockingly resonant beat and symphony began to resound.

His words and legends passed in the minds of all beings here as for the Prime Devourer, his figure moved down with even grander indomitable might as he arrived inches away from Noah.

And yet behind him, the veiled figure of the Primogenitor of Talismans- the hidden identity of the Cimmerian Architect…this veiled entity pointed her hands towards the Bard of Vitalis as laughter echoed out from her!

[Haha… it's fucking you! For you to be here as well…]


Her words didn't finish.

At this moment, since the fracture of the Minor Haven above, an instant had passed.

And after the passage of this instant…the Primogenitor of the Yog-Nyarvax Infernal Extremity Lineage arrived before Noah.

His eyes were akin to an endless abyss as his massive obsidian hands were right above Noah, seeking to devour everything about him.

Noah gazed up at such a figure descending before him as his soul and very existence buzzed at this arriving danger! freewebn(o)vel

And yet, he was fearless.

He was the massive hand descend as from it, terrifyingly scorching Hyperversal Infernal Extremity Rune Scriptures of VACUOUS and DEVOURING were working in conjunction as even before he fully came in contact with him…Noah could already feel parts of himself disappearing.

And all that this Entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity had to do…was have the power to trace and locate where his records were hidden as within the span of less than a millisecond, he could erase everything!

And at this moment.

At this time where Noah felt parts of himself already beginning to disappear.

He gazed at the unbearable entity before his eyes as he uttered calmly.

[How can you eradicate something that is infinite?]


A dazzling set of words erupted from him as at the same time, the 17th Boundary Layer of Infinity was activated.

For a single second, Noah made something within his Aspects of Existence infinite.

And he chose…his Records!

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