Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2176 Unprecedented! I

Noah beckoned towards the Aeonic Soul Pills so he could begin to utilize them, while all other Loot that was capable of being multiplied in quantity by RUINATION went to the Expansion Space to undergo this process!

Meanwhile, Noah's Soul began to devour the Aeonic Soul Pills as the portion of his soul remaining in the Infinite Forge grasped one of these stellar transparent crystalline masses on each hand, their size beginning to reduce as he devoured them while his manifested soul released multicolored rays of radiance!

When the transparent waves of essence surged into him, utmost euphoria was experienced as Noah felt a profound strengthening that would normally take the stupendous elevation of one's Realm to occur.

A strengthening that would normally take millions of years for others!


Austere waves of power emanated out grandly as the myriad of Aeonic Soul Pills were pulled towards his soul, everything being sucked up cleanly as a major part of him took great strides in power.

At the same time this occurred, the majesty of the Ruined Blade of Epochal Quintessence was blooming in his Expansive Space where mountains of loot were transferred over- with this Blade focused on multiplying the Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas and All Source Enhancers as the moment they were finished, they were funneled towards Noah's Origin as his Eighth Dimensional Layer fully began to be established with speed!

In this manner, Noah could also observe any changes in Realm Progression while his Aeonic Soul Value was also increasing.

The Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas would be devoured first as thereafter, the All Source Enhancers would follow.

It was the devouring of loot from many sources as within his Origin, a Seed had already bloomed as essence gushed down from all around to help its formation.

A gorgeous Blue color could be seen pervading across this Dimensional Layer that stood above the multicolored Quantum Dimensional Reality.

It was Fantasia!

Its floor was a vast and incandescent sea with such a dense blue hue that one would be blinded by it if they stared for too long.

Above this cerulean sea, a brief sky could be seen as even this...held traces of smaller blue seas floating mystically!

They all shone with cerulean color that was so bright and dense as it continued to flash constantly due to the formation of Kainos Royal Fantasia Cosmos that bloomed within the very seas and liquid skies- beautiful stellar blue cosmic light flashing constantly as Billions of Cosmos formed rapidly.

Noah gazed at every minuscule thing happening as with his Aeonic Soul Value also elevating in power, he could distinctly feel the speed that his Eighth Dimensional Layer devoured the Essences of the Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas was becoming ever faster, to the extent that the All Source Enhancers had to be brought forward very quickly to provide as much essence as possible!

And when they came into the picture...


In the Dimensional Empyral Domain of Nature, Noah's main body had to momentarily stop his Dual Cultivation with the Seeker of Knowledge as his main body released a heavy burst of power and majesty.

He was devouring the Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas and All Source Enhancers directly from his Expansive Space as it seemed like essence was just pouring into him, but due to his Aeonic Soul Value continued to rise due to the Aeonic Soul Pills- a billowing authority covered everything about him and caused his Origin to feel like a dry desert!

Like a sponge that was desperately taking in all Sources of water around it- and so the Essence of all Decuplicated Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas was instantly devoured as the nearby All Source Enhancers were instantly broken down.

50 Trillion Kainos Royal Fantasia Cosmos.

80 Trillion.

120 Trillion!

Noah's 8th Dimensional Layer which should have undoubtedly taken him much longer to form due to its greater resource was being formed at an unprecedented rate as in a matter of seconds, it jumped from barely 5% formed to 60%!

And for the seconds that followed, the grandeur of blue dominated as after 5 seconds...


A cerulean ring of light spread with Noah at the center as a completed Dimensional Layer buzzed with grandiosity.

Within seconds, Fantasia was completed!

<You have successfully completed the Eighth Dimensional Reality.>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age quintessentially increases!>

<A version of Pure Undefined Authority has been isolated for your future use above the Fantasia Dimensional Reality.>

<Through your reign over the Fantasia Dimensional Reality, a level of influence can be exerted in the Fantasia Dimension.>

Prompts began to cascade down as Noah's Aeonic Soul Value experienced successive jumps, becoming 90 even without accounting for the additions due to the Aeonic Soul Pills!

And this number was exceeded as Noah finished devouring the Aeonic Soul Pills that with their .25 addition each, 25 Aeonic Soul Values were added to his majesty!

It caused profound waves of power and incandescence to bloom out as in this state, Noah did not want to waste this profound feeling of Resonance at all.

So he ignored the rising prompts of completing the Eighth Dimensional Reality, his Will coming to latch onto the vibrant Crimson Dimensional Reality Panaceas that had already begun to be multiplied next by RUINATION.

A bit over 2 Million All Source Enhancers were utilized on the formation of the Eighth Dimensional Layer after an initial 4.8 Million Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas were devoured, so there were still well around 3 million All Source Enhancers that he saved for the purposes of elevating constructs or concepts like the Infinite Forge as he now turned his attention on the Crimson Dimensional Reality Panaceas!

He did this as before the boons of the recently built layer could even be shown...

"Begin the formation of the Ninth Dimensional Reality."


The allure of gold exploded.

The allure of Elysium was called upon to be the base for the final Dimensional Reality.

The Will of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor exploded with waves of unbound Tyranny as he wasted no time to see the end of his Foundation, his power scaling upwards steadily in order to stomp the coming enemies!

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