Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 13 - Preparations done

Chapter 13 - Preparations done

The feeling of dominating such a huge being from the beginning to the end was exhilarating, to say the least, and a testament of just how far and fast I can grow.

The first run of [Goblin King’s Abode] gave out an abundant amount of [Core]s and an [Item] called [Goblin’s Sword]. I did not need the sword, so this would be one of the items that I would be selling later. I continued on and dived into the dungeon once more

The second run gave me even more cores, along with the skill book called [Flame Bolt] The third, fourth and fifth run collectively gave me one item and two more skill books: [D-Bow of the Veteran], [D-Swipe], and [D- Restrain]

All of them were rank D materials that I would not be needing and would also be getting sold. Throughout the dungeon runs, I made sure to use [Flames of torment] along with my main skill of [Explosive Runes] that beautifully took down the monsters.

This process took me an entire day and I was able to bring a few of my skills to the proficiency of 100. The skills that reached a milestone of 100 jumped up explosively in power. [Fireball], which was a rank F skill, now had power greater than a skill 1 rank above it. The balls of fire summoned now had a high propelling force that made them rush out even faster. [Arctic Armor] even more comfortably hugged my body when it reached 100, an extra layer of ice appearing that further increased my defense, and also making me look like some knight you would find roaming the coldest arctic wastelands

This marked the end of my dive for the day as I had been diving for the past 10 hours and it was already in the evening. I left the dungeon, [Camouflaged] as usual, and went downtown where I once again called for a ride and went all the way down to the Awakened Center.

In the awakened center. I had given a text to the fat salesman beforehand and he was able to meet me and bring me to the private room the minute that I arrived.

I entered the room and emptied my huge bag that held many cores, skill books, and items. After counting everything the total came out to 2.8 million. I once again gave a list of the things that I was looking for and they were quickly brought to me, reducing the money I would have taken all the way down to $ 500 K.

I would have loved to spend the rest of it, but I couldn’t find anymore applicable defensive or support skills that fit the criteria I set for myself in the Awakened Center. I would soon have to branch out to find more fitting skills

I had bought three more skills and one item, all of them being rank C. The first was a movement type skill that I had been looking forward to called [Whirlwind]. The second was another support type skill that was called [Increased penetration]. The third skill was a life-preserving skill called [Regeneration]

The item that I bought last was a simple [Ring of Storage] which many high ranking hunters found themselves buying. It took away the hassle of caring around the skill books and items and cores that were collected over the course of the day.

As soon as I finished my business. I gave my thanks to the salesman and left the awakened center, blending in and using [Camouflage] as soon as I was out and headed towards the Hunter Lounge.

The process was quick as usual, and I grabbed the room fairly quickly.

I was finally able to relax and absorb the [Core]s that I kept behind. The plan was to reach the maximum that I could while using rank D cores.

I then learned the skills and placed the storage ring on my hands, using my energy to feel the wide space inside of it. It was a large enough space for two people to be squeezed in

The [Increased Penetration] skill allowed me to deal more damage and further ignore the defenses from my enemies when I had it active. It was a much-used skill by Mages and Berserkers to deal finishing blows on BOSSes

And the [Regeneration] skill was as simple as that. If I ever somehow took a large amount of damage then I could easily cast the regeneration skill to begin healing without losing too much of my health

The movement type skill that was called [Whirlwind] would allow me to dash forward and close the distance to my enemies at a very fast speed. This would be good for surprise attacks or evading very dangerous shots.

[Regeneration and [Whirlwind] could not be activated and tested at this time. But I quickly activated [Increased Penetration] along with the rest of the defensive and support type skills that were in my arsenal to keep their proficiency rising

I ordered room service as usual, and this time around I grabbed 3 platters of shrimp. My appetite seemed to gradually be getting larger and larger as time passed.

I enjoyed the food when it came and took some time to think once or more over what happened today. I went over my run in the dungeon, the skills are used, and how to better use them or further improve

I felt like I had fully prepared for what was to happen tomorrow. With all of these skills that most hunters would be able to activate momentarily for a life-saving moment, I had them activated at all times. Even knowing how huge the gap was in strength between rank D and C dungeons, seeing how easily I had been taking down the 6-meter goblin of [Goblin King’s Abode] gave me confidence for the officially titled TITAN of [Solael’s Castle]

Early morning the next day I woke up, grabbed a shower, and had some breakfast at the diner area of the hotel. It was already eight am when I left the lodge to head towards [Solael’s Castle]

This dungeon was renowned as the hardest dungeon in our city. It was a dungeon that many people died in until a specialized team was born to clear it. The dungeon always bordered in the high-risk zone.

There was no encampment around the dungeon as usual. With many people setting up their shops and stalls quite a distance away. In the case of any dungeon break happening, people wanted the chance to at least be able to run away from the onslaught of beasts

The huge monolith was colored in a dark shade of orange, pulsating at a few seconds.

The only road leading to it was blocked by military trucks and cars making sure the civilians never neared this area

I didn’t bother even showing my license and just passed through the guard point using my [Camouflage] skill. I soon arrived at the bottom of the monolith and I looked up at the huge structure

I closed my eyes and sat down near it, making sure I was still hidden while activating all my defensive and supportive skills, watching the proficiency rising in real-time.

I felt extremely confident in anything that I would face today as the previous day I had also absorbed many of the [Core]s that I didn’t sell, with my [Vitality] and [Strength] attributes capping at 150

Along with the many skills that supported me. I highly doubt it given a B rank hunter could endanger me.

Not too long after a few people began appearing. I stayed hidden as I observed them. The first two were huge dudes in their 30s. They both held huge shields that seemed to cover their entire bodies. On their other hands were maces with spikes that shone red. Besides the armor they had on them, they didn’t seem anything special. But these were genuine C ranked hunters

The next to arrive were women that both held staffs on their hands with magician’s robes wrapping around them. They had a look of apprehension as they looked at the huge monolith.

The four of them seemed familiar with each other as they began discussing some things soon after. The next one to arrive was a girl who seemed fairly young, in her twenties at most. This one had a blue sword on her waist.

With her body covered with what I would only assume to be [King’s Valor] that t I also wore. Surprisingly. this girl did not go towards and talk to me first four. But she actually held a confident look on her face as she looked towards the huge monolith, making me surprised, as any rank C hunter could find themselves dead in this dungeon so many held apprehensions

Anderson arrived soon after. His arrival stopped the discussions among everyone as they stared towards him. His eyes glazed over the five people and then soon turned into piercing eyes that came to my location. I calmly deactivated the defensive and support skills and then turned off [Camouflage]

Surprise gasps came out of the rank C hunters as none of them were able to notice me. I wanted to test it just to be sure if Anderson would be able to pierce through the C rank skill’s effect even if its proficiency was increased. Maybe I had to wait until it neared 100 for it to have a complete effect on rank B hunters

While Anderson’s piercing gaze did not leave my sight, he walked over and said. "You really have such an excessive amount of energy? That you would waste it on hiding this early this morning?"

His tone sounded very calm, but his words dripped with disdain. I replied back. "Nothing to worry about, I was only testing the strength of the people I would be leaving my life to today"

I seemed to have a knack of making him angry, his face became sour and he turned away from me and addressed everyone.

"I want the dungeon dive today to be a very clean one. We have two new hunters joining us, this one goes by Rachel and this one is Noah. One is a berserker and the other is a mage." He pointed to me and the girl that held a confident look on her face as he continued

"For you two, this will be your first run so follow all directions and do not lag behind. This dungeon is different from the ones that you are commonly used to" These words were directed to Rachel and I.

"There is only a single floor in this dungeon, and it takes us almost half the day just to clear it. Do not be surprised by what you see. Protect yourself and cover each other’s backs and we should all come out of this alive. When the boss appears, leave it to me and follow everything I say" He articulated the next words very slowly

"In the case any problems occur and you see it coming towards you do not stand idle. Run, or you will die." I listened to his somewhat inspiring speech as we all prepared to dive into the dungeon

I had done my research previously about [Solael’s Castle] and his words were not false. The dungeon only had one singular floor, but this one floor took the lives of many many hunters.

As the speech was quickly wrapped up, he went towards the other four party members to discuss something, and I noticed uncomfortable look pop up on their faces. Jeez, did this guy actually have bad relationsh.i.p.s with everyone?

The girl that was apparently new just like me came towards me and said with a puzzled expression. "Why does it seem like there’s friction between you and the strongest hunter in the city?"

I smiled at her and replied. "I’m not sure either. I have no problem with the guy. But he seemed to not like me the moment so he saw me."

She c.o.c.ked her head in confusion as if she did not understand and I said once more. "Don’t worry about it, there should not be a problem."

As soon as we finished talking, the rest of the group came towards us and we went towards one of the square doors of the huge monolith. Once all of us were near, Anderson reached his hand out first and the rest of us followed, quickly being transferred to the first floor of [Solael’s Castle]

[Noah Osmont][Occupation: Hunter]

[Vitality: 150]

[Focus: - ]

[Strength: 150]

[Skill(s): (F-Fireball-100)(F-Heal-43)(E-Arctic Armor- 100)(D-Flames of Torment-97)(D-Safeguard-31)(D-Danger Sense-95)(C-Arcanist’s Sphere of Protection-93)(C-Camouflage-67)(C-Aura of Haste-23)(C-Explosive Rune-33)(C-Life Essence-22)(C-Increased Penetration-13)(C-Regeneration-1)(C-Whirlwind-1)]

[Equipment: (E-Swift Boots)(D-King’s Valor)(C-Ring of Storage)]

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