I'm the King Of Technology

Chapter 1623  Pleasure In Danger

Chapter 1623  Pleasure In Danger

Everyone's heart was drumming wildly in their ears.

Holy mother of pearls!

"She's a big one!"

The driver gritted his teeth, rolling the steering wheel leftwards. But why did it seem that the 3 strange tornadoes that appeared were after them?

Left, right, front, sideways...

The vicious 3 danced intimidation, always advancing with determination.


A wagon fell in front of them, causing the driver to turn sharply.

"Keep an eye on the skies!"

The tornados began randomly spitting massive broken pieces in all directions.

What sort of magical world was this Hertfilia?

Landon wanted to file a complaint to the Goddess/God creator above.

What the hell? Why did he feel he was in a real-life video game?

Well, at least if he were to make a movie in future, he would know where to go for such realistic effects.

Landon formed, meaning his way to the front. Though the driver never complained or showed any signs of nervousness, his face was sweatier than all of theirs.

They indeed simulated such scenarios in training.

So when faced with the other heat-wave tornadoes, the driver did an excellent job. But the tornadoes chasing them were on a whole other level.

Landon steadied himself in the bumpy vehicle, patting the man's shoulders. "Good Job, soldier... Now, it's my turn."

The driver gritted his teeth, never taking his hands off the wheel and the pedal.

1 2, 3...

Landon was on the wheel.


Gears shifted, and thus began Landon's 'Tokyo Drift' fiasco.


The giants and Baymardians smashed into each other, almost throwing up from Landon's driving.



Many Giants began praying to their Vine God.

Say no more.

It felt like his majesty was trying to rush them to their deaths! But the Baymardians seemed to have predicted such a scene,

What? Do you think they're newbies to his majestic operations?

You have to know that in the entire barracks, only his Majesty Landon, King-Father Lucius, Major General Mark, and a few others could force at such crazy speeds without any accidents.

If they were to do what his majesty was doing, they would definitely smash into a wall or get everyone injured.

As military personnel, it was important for them to know their limits and never go overboard because the most crucial thing drilled into their heads was safety.

So no one would do what his majesty was doing unless they had absolute confidence in their skills.


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Horses, wagons, stones, tree branches, pulling carts, and all sorts of objects were picked up by these tornados and spat out again.

Since they began their attacks, they have only seen a handful of giants moving about. But from what they overheard from the many enemy scouts on trees and scouting ships, it seems these Adonis worshippers had placed a curfew on the people.

No one was to be seen out until all Adonis warriors, guards, and scouts made their shift changes.

So these people should only be allowed to leave their homes after 8 A.M or slightly earlier.

If any giants were seen prior to them, they would be executed on the spot.

Such control was brilliant since it made it harder for the against to scheme and take advantage of the night.

If they have to do anything, it must be during the daytime.

Some people might have tried to play smart but ended up dead for disobedience. In the end, it seemed these Adonis followers successfully kept things under wraps.

The handful of giants they saw, should they be forced out to complete one or 2 tasks.

Never would the enemy have known that this arrogant and dictator rule they placed was the perfect opening for Baymard to launch their attacks without worry.

Landon narrowed his eyes, seeing the tornados reflected in the vehicle mirrors.

'We can't keep going like this.'


Payne, struggling to hold on for his dear life, tried to steady his woody body after hearing his name.

"Your majesty Landon, I'm at your service."

"We need a shortcut! Preferably a narrow alleyway! No stony walls, but clay."

Short cut? Slay walls? Where? Where? Where?

Payne examined the scene, his eyes darting around until a thought came to mind.

"I've got it! Your Majesty, 2 blocks up, take a right, another right, and then a left!"

There was an old alleyway there, with another room for a single carriage and ample wall space, enough to fit this vehicle just right.


Landon moved like lightning, driving for the alleyway. And at the first few turns, they separated from 2 tornados.

Still, the biggest of them all was still after them.

It was gaining in them as though having a mind of its own. And the narrower the path, the more violent it seemed. But Landon didn't believe his calculations would fail.

"That's it!" Payne exclaimed. "That's the alleyway!"

Everyone's heart was hanging on a thin string, feeling seeing the tornado now several inches behind them.

Will they make it? Will they pull through?


Landon stormed into the Alleyway and immediately halted the vehicle before lifting a glass and pressing a blue button--- Spider Latch.

Thup! Thup! Thup! Thup!

Several thin but incredibly strong ropes shot out from the vehicle on each side and firmly latched into the ancient clay alley walls.



The tornado engulfed them, slamming numerous objects on the vehicle.

So this was what the inside of a tornado looked like?

Landon felt a surge of adrenaline juggle through his body, feeling very tempted to go out and test it for himself.

Hey... It was human nature to always have little devils in one's heart when experiencing things like this.

On the other hand, you're afraid, and you know the results would be catastrophic. But on the other hand, you can't help but wonder how it felt.

This is why even though parents tell their children not to do this or that, they still do it at times, knowing the negative results.

Who can honestly say from young till now, adulthood, they didn't do something they knew full well of the repercussions?

From looking a finger into a socket to sliding down the stairway rails even though it's 'dangerous.'

The scene made Landon's muscles clench.

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