Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 35 - Kill One Man in Ten Steps

Chapter 35: Kill One Man in Ten Steps

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Dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors gathered in the air, discussing countermeasures and staring at the entrance of Sky Treasure Pavilion at the same time.

Soon after, Su Zimo stepped out of the Sky Treasure Pavilion with a long saber hung on his waist and a blood-colored huge bow in his hands.

“Su Zimo, you won’t be able to get away. If you surrender, your Su family may still be pardoned. Otherwise, humph, your Su family will definitely be annihilated!” One of the Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors said worriedly.

Within such a short time frame, someone had already told the Qi Refinement Warrior from Joyful Clan about Su Zimo’s background.

“You wish to annihilate the Su family?”

Su Zimo sneered. The murderous intent in his eyes intensified as he suddenly drew out three arrows from his quiver and coldly said, “I will exterminate you first!”

He bent the bow and nocked the arrow.

The Sanguine Crystal Bow weighed thousands of pounds. Coupled with the huge tendons of the spirit beast anaconda, the power that it could erupt would weigh at least ten thousands of pounds!

There were two key points in archery. First, the force. Second, the accuracy.

The Sanguine Crystal Bow in Su Zimo’s hands was heavy enough. Although it’s precision was lacking a little, it did not matter in a situation whereby the dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors were gathered at the same place. Su Zimo did not even have to aim. He just had to shoot towards that crowd of people.


Bow like a full moon and arrows like shooting stars.

Almost simultaneously, three sharp arrows were shot. There was only the sound of them breaking through the air.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Sounds of sharp weapons piercing blood and flesh could be heard.

Before they could react, three Qi Refinement Warriors were shot by Su Zimo and dropped to the ground.

It was too fast!

Many Qi Refinement Warriors in the air were caught by surprise. They did not expect that Su Zimo would have a means to deal with them.

The expressions of the remaining Qi Refinement Warriors suddenly changed. They hurriedly redirected their flying swords and fled behind Su Zimo to distance themselves from the latter. Terror filled their eyes and fear lingered in their hearts.

Given the power and speed of the three arrows, even Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors would not be able to dodge them!

At the sight of this, Su Zimo did not hide the contempt in his eyes. He laughed out loud, “With such capabilities, you still wish to stop me?”

Su Zimo strapped the Sanguine Crystal Bow on his back and unsheathed the Cold Moon Saber with a backhand grip. Thereafter, he dashed towards the outside of the capital.

With the Cold Moon Saber by his side, Su Zimo was like a tiger with wings.

Although the Imperial Army and guards won in numbers, no one could stop Su Zimo’s killing momentum. It was in complete disarray after Su Zimo fought his way through them, leaving behind rows of corpses and blood flowing like rivers.

The dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors in mid air had not given up. They followed Su Zimo from afar but the spirit weapons under their control no longer posed any threat to Su Zimo.

When a flying sword shot over, Su Zimo no longer dodged them. With a wave of his saber, the flying sword would be hurled off.

The Level 9 and Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors could barely control the inferior-grade spirit weapons hit by the Cold Moon Saber.

However, the other Qi Refinement Warriors did not have such control.

Although the Cold Moon Saber was a pseudo spirit weapon, it was integrated with too many rare spirit items. It’s toughness did not lose out to middle-grade spirit weapons. Complemented with Su Zimo’s strong and powerful body strength, just one slash from it could dissipate all the spirit qi on the flying sword directly.

There would be a massive number of casualties if the spirit weapon that lost control were to hit the crowd of the Imperial Army and city guards.

Over time, feelings of fear and terror started to spread between the Imperial Army and the city guards.

When one person started to retreat, many people would follow suit subconsciously. The initial unwavering determination of the Imperial Army and guards had finally been crushed.

Fear was contagious.

The dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors lingered in the air. Their expressions ugly and they were filled with hesitation.

In actual fact, the moment that Su Zimo picked up the Sanguine Crystal Bow, he was already in complete control of the situation!

Many Qi Refinement Warriors wanted to dodge the sharp arrows from Su Zimo and had to distance themselves from him as much as possible.

When the distance was greater, the power of the sharp arrows would inevitably reduce. The deviation from the target would also increase tremendously to allow more reaction time for the many Qi Refinement Warriors.

But at the same time, with the increase in distance, it also meant that they needed to use more spirit qi to control their flying swords and would not be able to hang on for too long.

If they were to go closer to Su Zimo and the latter suddenly turned back and shot an arrow, one of the Qi Refinement Warriors would drop from the air.

One had to know that the 20 sharp arrows in Su Zimo’s quiver were also forged by the remaining materials used for the Sanguine Crystal Bow. It was not any different from pseudo spirit weapons.

Once they were shot, be it at the vital body point or not, it would cause devastating damage to the body of the Qi Refinement Warrior if the powers contained in the sharp arrow suddenly erupted!

If they were shot in the arm, the arm would become paralyzed. If they were shot in the thigh, the thigh would become fractured. If they were shot in the body, the body would explode after the sharp arrow pierced through it!

At the sight of Su Zimo on the brink of fighting his way out of the capital, many Qi Refinement Warriors felt extremely helpless. They were torn between advancing or retreating.

At the gate of the city, many guards stationed at the site had long closed the gate. Ten monstrous-sized ballistae for defending the city walls were placed in a row at the gate.

The ballistae arrows were thicker and longer than the spears in the hands of the guards. The arrow heads were shining with sinister and cold lights, aiming at Su Zimo and ready to be launched at any point in time.

Su Zimo’s killing momentum was on the rise. Seeing that the city gate was right in front of him, he did not care about the ballistae. He held the Cold Moon Saber and charged forward!


The leader of the guards standing beside the ballistae lowered his arms and yelled.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

Ten huge arrows shot out, tearing the air instantly and making terrifying sounds.

How powerful was the ballistae arrows?

The arrows shot out could even destroy the city walls!

However, now, all ten ballistae arrows were only targeting a single living person made of flesh and blood!

The ballistae arrows had not been used to attack a city but to kill a human instead. This kind of situation was unprecedented in history. It was also a rare sight in the future.

The ballistae arrows traveled at lighting speed and Su Zimo was still charging. In a split second, the ballistae arrows had already appeared in front of Su Zimo.

The ten ballistae arrows came together like a huge stone pillar smashing over. The aura was appalling!


Su Zimo’s eyes shone as he exhaled and yelled while gripping the Cold Moon Saber. Faint sounds of vibration emanated from the bones in his body. His large tendons pulsated and sounds of bowstring vibrations rang. The muscles in his body knotted together, seemingly doubling his body size!

“Break it!”

Su Zimo raised his saber and slashed the ten ballistae arrows with all his might.


Accompanied by an earth-shattering sound, sparks flew as the ten ballistae arrows actually broke in half and scattered all over the ground by the Cold Moon Saber in Su Zimo’s hands!


When everyone in the capital witnessed this scene, their pupils instantly contracted into needle heads as they gasped.

Even this could not hurt him?

How could this be the power of a human?

Although Su Zimo had blocked the ten ballistae arrows, he had also taken a half-step back due to the impact of this force. He flung his slightly sore arms and grinned at the numerous guards at the city gate. “All of you are finished!”

The guards at the city gate were so frightened that all colors drained from their faces.

The power of the ballistae were great but loading the bow needed ten people to pull the string and three people to carry the arrow over to reload it.

During this time, Su Zimo had already dashed before them, not giving them any chance at all.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Flashes of blood appeared consecutively. No one could stop the powers of Su Zimo’s slash!

What Postnatal Experts, Perfected Connate Expert… After Su Zimo cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, these pugilistic experts were as useless as chickens and dogs!

This was the power of cultivation!

Once he stepped into the cultivation world, Su Zimo did not even need to bother about using conspiracy or endure for 16 years to plot an assassination.

Let me tell you openly that I want to kill you, and you can not escape either!

Even the tightly-guarded capital with Qi Refinement Warriors could not stop me!

In the blink of an eye, one after another, the guards at the city gate were fleeing desperately.

Seeing that he had hopes of leaving the city, Su Zimo was instantly invigorated. He could not help lamenting, “With every ten steps a man is killed, leaving no trails in a thousand miles, left in anguish after the matter, hiding one’s light under a bushel!”

“Hahahaha, the capital of the Country of Yan is only as such!” Su Zimo’s laughter filled the sky, displaying extreme arrogance.

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