Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2295

2295 Complete Defeat


The monks exclaimed.

The abbot of Asura Monastery was in a daze and had already fallen into a frenzied state. The compassion in his eyes vanished, leaving only endless panic and fear.

All the monks had naturally heard of the Bo Xun mentioned by the abbot of Asura Monastery.


However, Emperor Bo Xun had already died in Avici for many years—how could he revive?

Furthermore, although the purple-robed man before them wore a silver mask and looked mysterious, he was far from an expert like Emperor Bo Xun.

Although everyone from Asura Monastery could not tell the cultivation realm of the Martial Dao Prime Body, they could sense that Heavenly Wolf was only a Grade 1 Heaven Immortal and was of no threat.

With a mount that was only a Grade 1 Heaven Immortal, it could be deduced that the purple-robed man’s cultivation realm was definitely not too high.

At the very least, it would not exceed the Heaven Essence realm!

“How dare you, fiend! How dare you confuse the masses with your demonic words in the Pure Land of the Buddhist monasteries!”

Another Grade 9 Heaven Immortal monk made a prompt decision and said in a deep voice, “Monks of Asura Monastery, listen up and join forces to suppress this fiend!”

The monks agreed and hundreds of Heaven Immortal monks summoned their heaven-grade Dharmic treasures one after another, releasing divine powers and secret skills that blanketed the skies as they surged over!

“Wind and Rain!”

“Bean Soldiers!”

“Three Heads Six Arms!”

“Buddha Dragon Elephant!”


Supreme divine powers burst forth one after another and the energy fluctuation derived swept in all directions, causing the world to change and dust to fly.

The chants of the Buddhas were endless and divine, as though they wanted to cleanse the world of all evil and filth!

Heavenly Wolf was proficient in fiend techniques and was the most resistant against such divine powers and sacred Sanskrit of the Buddhist monasteries.

However, although he was the Seven Emotions Fiend King in his previous life, his current cultivation was only at Grade 1 Heaven Immortal. The divine might released by the supreme divine powers of the Buddhist monasteries made him feel extremely uncomfortable!

Heavenly Wolf growled repeatedly uneasily.

The eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body were deep and there was no expression on his cold silver mask. He stood motionlessly in midair and nine purple halos burst forth behind him!

Every single halo was intertwined with endless mysterious runes that condensed the will of the Martial Dao!

The power in the body of the Martial Dao Prime Body rose continuously and his aura surged!

The world seemed to have stopped!

All the Dharmic treasures and divine powers were motionless in midair.

After a brief pause, the nine Fate Rings blossomed and released countless mysterious runes. Purple qi spread and swept through everything!

No matter the grade, many Dharmic treasures were repelled by the nine Fate Rings of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

Many supreme divine powers of the Buddhist monasteries were suppressed by the power released by the nine Fate Rings as well and dissipated on the spot, turning into Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

The monks of Asura Monastery were shocked!

So many Heaven Immortal experts attacked at the same time but they were all defeated by a single move from the purple-robed cultivator before them.

In fact, the monks of Asura Monastery did not even know what the nine purple halos surrounded by mysterious runes were.

“Could he be a Perfected Fiend?”

The hearts of the few Grade 9 Heaven Immortal monks skipped a beat.

Right then, the Martial Dao Prime Body suddenly spoke and roared!

Myriad Beings Sound!

It was as though there was a dragon’s roar, a phoenix’s cry, a crane’s cry, a horse’s neigh, a wolf’s howl, an ape’s cry, a tiger’s roar and a dog’s bark…

The cries of all living beings in the world interweaved and gathered at that moment, forming a roar that reverberated through the nine heavens and shook the world!

After the Martial Dao Prime Body created this sound domain secret skill, he had only used it once.

This sound domain secret skill was extremely powerful and was condensed by the Prime Body after he synthesized countless sound domain secret skills. In fact, it was even more terrifying than the Dragon Roar secret skill of the Green Lotus True Body!

This time round, the Martial Dao Prime Body merely released 60% of his full strength.

Even so, it was a devastating blow to the hundreds of Asura Monastery monks before him!

The Buddha chants and the roars of dragons and tigers dissipated instantly!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Some low-level Heaven Immortals could not withstand it at all and spat out blood, falling from midair uncontrollably.

Although the few Grade 9 Heaven Immortals of Asura Monastery managed to defend against it, they felt their ears sting and their minds buzzed. Their minds went blank and they lost consciousness for the time being.

The monks were utterly defeated!

At the same time, something deep underground in the Asura Hall ahead seemed to have been awakened by the Myriad Beings Sound and released an incomparably domineering life fluctuation!


The ground of Asura Monastery trembled as well!

In the depths of Asura Monastery, there was an unassuming tomb where some Asura Monastery monks who had passed away were buried.

Beside the tomb, there was an extremely simple straw hut that was on the verge of collapse, as though it would fall apart with a single gust of wind.

The straw hut was short and dilapidated, not much different from the tombs beside it.

It had no door and it was empty and pitch-black inside.

Right then, an old monk walked out slowly from the entrance of the straw hut. He wore a pitch-black monk robe and had no beard. However, his white brows were so long that they almost reached his shoulders!

The old monk was scrawny and slightly hunched, making him look short. His face was filled with wrinkles and his eyes were cloudy. He raised his head and glanced in the direction of the Myriad Beings Sound before retracting his gaze.

Arriving before a tomb, the old monk bent down slightly and removed the weeds around the tomb to clean it up.

A tombstone stood on the tomb.

The strange thing was that the tombstone was blank without any words.

Suddenly, the old monk did something strange. Extending his withered hands, he gripped the edge of the tombstone and leaped up gently, climbing up slowly.

Thereafter, the old monk tried his best to do a flip as he sat on the tombstone. With his back facing Asura Monastery, he gazed in the direction of the Pure Land of Bliss in a daze.

Asura Monastery.

The Martial Dao Prime Body merely released nine Fate Rings and Myriad Beings Sound without using his full strength. However, the monks of Asura Monastery were already wailing and could not defend against it.

“Fiend, even if you enter the Pure Land of Bliss, Arhats of the Buddhist monasteries will come and stop you. You won’t be able to get far!”

A Grade 9 Heaven Immortal monk hollered.

Arhats were comparable to Perfected Immortals of the Nine Firmament Immortal Domain and Perfected Fiends of the Fiend Domain. Despite the difference in their titles, they were all Perfected One realm cultivators.

“Is that so?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said indifferently, “If they come, tell them to look for me in Avici.”


Upon hearing that word, the monks of Asura Monastery could not help but shudder.

Naturally, they did not think that the Martial Dao Prime Body would truly head to Avici.

After all, that was a forbidden ground that even Great Emperors would shrink back from.

Throughout history, countless experts have been buried!

“Fiend, what is your purpose of barging into Asura Monastery and attempting to enter the Pure Land of Bliss?”

A monk of Asura Monastery questioned loudly.

The Martial Dao Prime Body passed by the monks of Asura Monastery and suddenly paused. After pondering for a moment, he said, “If your monastery has the Saraca Fruit, I can leave and not take a single step into the Pure Land of Bliss.”

“The Saraca Fruit!”

A monk glared at him and shouted, “Fiend, you’re here because you want the sacred item of the Buddhist monasteries, the Saraca Fruit!”

“We must not let him pass!”

“Hurry and awaken it and release it to kill this fiend!”

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