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Chapter 2532 - Chapter 2532: Version Update – Introducing Recharge Feature!

Chapter 2532: Version Update – Introducing Recharge Feature!

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The bespectacled gentleman observed a sudden glimmer in the hands of Su Clan’s Sixteen, and a beautiful umbrella materialized. Could it be that the child from the Song family and this young lady were both the legendary practitioners?

“Goodbye-,” Soft Feather giggled and waved her hand. Her long, slender legs gracefully took a step, and she teleported behind Song Shuhang.

This young lady was undoubtedly extraordinary!

Meanwhile, the bespectacled gentleman finally took notice of a silver-haired young girl hanging behind Song Shuhang.

At the back of Song Shuhangs head, a few strands of exceptionally long hair tied the silver-haired girl behind him.

Vaguely, he seemed to see two very beautiful… heads? Two beautiful heads sporting different styles sprouted from Song Shuhangs neck, smiling at him.

Had the bespectacled gentleman not possessed a strong mentality and undergone professional training before the world underwent changes, he might have screamed in fear.

“Which cultivation system does the child from the Song family belong to?” The bespectacled gentleman silently touched the phone in his pocket… At this moment, he truly wished to call Mr. Song to calm his nerves.

“Senior Song, please wait for us.” After Eon Sea Scholar introduced his identity, he politely waved at ‘Uncle Tyrannical Song and hurriedly followed Song Shuhang with Daoist Nun Miao Qing.

The bespectacled man remained rooted to the spot. After a while, he turned to his companion.

“Shuzhong, do you know Senior Song?” The captain of the guard team, responsible for handing over Miao Qing to the Daoist Nun, asked the bespectacled man.

“Senior Song? Song Shuhang?” The bespectacled gentleman nodded.

“Shuzhong, your opportunity might be coming.” The captain suggested. “The child from your old friend’s family is not an ordinary person,” he said. “Senior Song holds a very high seniority in the world of cultivation. He doesn’t look as young as he appears; he might have lived for hundreds of years or even longer. Although the Daoist nun didn’t reveal much, 1 can sense a lot from her expression. ”

The bespectacled gentleman was speechless.

The child from the Song family was Senior Song as referred to by others, and he hadn’t quite gotten used to it.

“Even a child is so powerful and respected. In other words, your old friend is very likely to be a reclusive expert. He’s definitely stronger than Senior Song. After this mission, there might be some downtime. You can consider meeting your old friend,” the captain suggested.

In this unpredictable era, it was crucial to connect with a hidden expert. Perhaps, in a crisis, they could save your life.

As for Senior Songs father, the hidden expert, since he was willing to become friends with Shuzhong… He must have admired something about him.

This was an opportunity!

“Mr. Song, is he a reclusive expert?” Shuzhong pushed his glasses up as he recalled Papa Songs experience after they met.

In his memories, no matter how he looked at it, Mr. Song had never revealed his powers.

He had completely integrated into the lives of ordinary people. Mr. Song was indeed amazing!

The bespectacled gentleman sighed.

At this moment, Papa Song, who was far away on Baijing Street, suddenly looked up at the sky in bafflement.

“What are you doing?” Mama Song asked.

Papa Song lowered his head and continued washing the dishes. “My brain is still slowly receiving feedback from my body,” he replied.

His body had accepted the huge amount of information that his son had spoken and was now slowly feeding it back to his brain for digestion.

In Xie Wangs nest, the virtuous lamia puffed up her cheeks and blew hard, dispersing all the evil energy that enveloped the nest, revealing the Xie Wangs body that was hiding here.

A five-meter-tall beast appeared in front of everyone.

This was another kind of Xie Wang that had a physical body!

It looked like a canine, but its forelimbs were short and stubby, while its hind limbs were strong and muscular. It looked quite appetizing.

At this time, the five-meter-tall Xie Wang retreated timidly while looking at Song Shuhang and the others vigilantly while constantly baring its teeth.

“l bet it will be even more delicious than the previous batch of Xie Wang,” Soft Feather said.

“l think so too,” Song Shuhang agreed.

At the same time, he glanced at this dog-shaped Xie Wang, and the information about Xie Wang in his mind quickly entered and compared with the Xie Wang in front of him.

Eon Sea Scholar and Daoist Nun Miaoqing were confused.

This time, they didn’t hear wrong… Senior Tyrannical Song and the others wanted to eat the Xie Wang!

Su Clan’s Sixteen spun the umbrella in her hand and asked, “Shuhang, do you have any information about this Xie Wang?”

“Yes, this is a beast-shaped resentment Xie Wang. It’s formed when the resentment of living beings and the power of disaster Xie Wang merge, creating this beast-shaped Xie Wang. Its specialty is its potentially powerful illusion techniques. Virtue power will have a deterrent effect on it, and attacks using ‘willpower’ will be particularly effective. Saber intent, sword intent, fist intent, and even Chef’s Heart techniques all have a good impact,” Song Shuhang replied.

“Then let me handle this one,” Su Clan’s Sixteen pulled out the straight-edged saber from the umbrella, and a dominating saber intent condensed on the edge of her blade.

The White Dragon lazily turned around, and a pure white power of virtue covered Su Clan’s Sixteen’s body.

“The scarf around Profound Sage Sixteen’s neck is actually formed by the power of virtue?” Eon Sea Scholar and Daoist Nun Miao Qing discovered another intriguing detail.

Furthermore, Profound Sage Sixteen’s power of virtue was beyond imagination. Even the slightest aura that leaked out made their legs go weak.

“Pay attention to its illusion techniques. Don’t be fooled by its appearance,” Song Shuhang reminded.

“Got it,” Su Clan’s Sixteen gently swung the straight blade in her hand.

The other ‘willpower’ hidden within the overpowering saber intent quietly dispersed. That power transformed into paper within Xie Wangs nest, secretly sketching a scroll.

The dog-shaped Xie Wang glanced at Song Shuhang and the others behind him, and then at Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was approaching closer and closer. It let out a low growl and charged towards Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Sixteen didn’t back down. Her petite body burst out with the aura of a giant dragon as she confronted Xie Wang head-on. Against this kind of evil, she chose to confront it directly.

A powerful dragon’s presence enveloped the entire nest.

Soft Feather took out her phone, aimed the camera at Su Clan’s Sixteen, and started recording.

However, due to the influence of the evil aura, coupled with Sixteen’s extremely fast movements, the phone’s camera couldn’t keep up with the scene.

Soft Feather put away her cell phone in disappointment. “What a pity. I originally wanted to record this scene and send it to the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Looks like I’ll have to ask Father to upgrade my phone again. ”

At this moment.

[Ding The little squirrel that hurts my hand: The minor update of the Cultivation Chat’ version has been completed. The new version will provide top-up functions, group live-streaming functions, and donation functions. Fellow Daoists, you are welcome to experience the new version.]

Little Squirrel: “@[Purple Grape] King Kun, thank you for your feedback on the ‘top-up function! suggestion. You will receive a 12% discount for the first purchase.”

King Kun Egg was speechless.

The thread of King Kun’s consciousness in Yuanzi’s subconscious was speechless..

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