Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2623 - Ether-Class Sun

Chapter 2623 - Ether-Class Sun

It looked like the end of the world was coming. Many people hid away in their homes. Lin Xiaodao had already given orders for all Gladeans to remain within formations to keep side effects to a minimum.

"Around eight days ago, news of the migration reached Ebonia. While they might've seen the exodus coming, they definitely wouldn't be able to imagine what we're going to do next. The ebons haven't made their move yet, so we still have time." Once the Hellstar Formation opened up, word would definitely reach Ebonia.

"Alright." Tianming didn't give it another thought. He took a deep breath as the Sun extended a single solar lance toward Gladeus. Not even Ebonia had a structure like the Flameyellow Pillars. Despite there being only one solar lance, it was much thicker than the ones that had appeared before. The flame-covered lance extended toward the location of the opening.

"Fuck! It looks like the Sun is about to do Gladeus!" Wudi said, not being able to help himself.

"Nonsense! The Skycross Lin Clan isn't made of submissive bottoms!" Lin Xiaodao barked.

"Haha!" The solemn atmosphere was instantly defused thanks to that silly joke.

The Skycross Lin Clan's territory had been fully evacuated. Should anyone still be there, they would be greeted with the sight of their lifetime. A flaming pillar came thrusting down from the grey clouds above. Before it even touched the ground, the heat from it incinerated the ancient trees in the area. The nova source that was spilling out of the fusion formation got sucked into the pillar.

Even from the astralscape, the sight was no less breathtaking. Tianming himself was stupefied at the miracle that was unfolding before him. The sight of a world the size of Gladeus was enough to inspire awe within him, let alone one as large as the Flameyellow Imperial Star of yore. It would be a waste to snuff out a world like that, so they would only take two-thirds of its nova source, and nothing more. The Sun continued to advance, the loud rumbling of which echoed in everyone's heads.

"After seeing something like this, nobody would be able to relate anything else to the concept of awe."

"It's insane.... Utterly mind blowing!"

The crimson and gold star and the star of gray storms began interfacing just like that. The sight was a feast for the eyes. Tianming couldn't hold his excitement when the solar lance entered the depths of Gladeus.

"Let's go!" The siphoning of nova source had begun. Boundless gray nova source flooded through the pillar into the depths of the Sun. With nova source of such density, cosmic impulses rapidly surged. And it couldn't be compressed in the slightest, causing the Sun to balloon in size, shifting the seas and continents once more. Tianming found himself fortunate that he hadn't gotten others to move out of the Sky Palace Formation just yet, for the world was being remade anew once again.

The energy within Gladeus began to wane and decompress with all that nova source gone. As the nova source had been dense and compressed, the empty space was quickly filled following the decompression, allowing Gladeus to maintain its former size. It would only be slightly dimmer than before. However, the Sun's size increased until Tianming stopped it when the two star's sizes reached parity.

"No doubt, Shenxi Xingtian and Yi Daiyan will soon hear about this. I wonder if they'll be able to sit still once they find out." Tianming felt so excited that he was about to explode. The passion of the flameyellow divinities burned within his veins.

The denizens of the Sun could also feel the significance of the day's events, further intensifying the power of their Omnisentient Will. As they had to protect Gladeus's structure, Tianming ensured that the Sun wasn't too rough in the siphoning process. They had enough time to spare. Tianming spent five days borrowing the nova source, allowing the remaining nova source in Gladeus the time to decompress. Lin Xiaodao also ensured that the fusion formation didn't collapse.

As expected, the two hundred-odd billion Gladeans began making a fuss once the process started. No matter how much reputation Lin Xiaodao had, he was instantly labeled a traitor the moment he made that call. The consequences of his decision would resonate throughout the rest of his life. Even if his bet on Tianming paid off, it was still something that wouldn't just go away. There was simply no way for him to explain his decision to the Gladeans in a way they would understand, especially not with how the future was still completely uncertain.

Some dozen of years ago, Lin Xiaodao had brought out an infinitum-class ship to crush the ebon expeditionary army, shocking the entire Infinitum Mundus. A few years ago, the sanctuary-class Sun appeared and took out the Star Hunters for good. And now, Lin Xiaodao allowed two-thirds of Gladeus's nova source to be siphoned off to create the ether-class Sun, something arguably far more shocking than everything that had happened up to now combined.

If the events before were awe-inspiring, this one in particular was world-shaking. Only through raging controversy could an actual legend be crafted. Lin Xiaodao took on the burden of being in the spotlight, but as he had said, he would let himself be judged by those who would come after once he was able to secure their future.

"The stars truly shine bright in the astralscape. While a world like this appears beautiful, that almost seems to drown out all the suffering and conflict that takes place within worlds like these. It's almost like the scale wipes out all the glaring flaws of our world. The universe cares nothing for our pathetic notions of dignity and respect."

Everything had come to a close. Gladeus dimmed and its storms stopped raging, leaving behind a subdued, but tranquil world. Before, it was a middle-aged man with a short temper, but now it was a mellowed-out old man, gaining wisdom and temperance along with silence while leaving behind the Sun, a young, passionate upstart of a world. The universe would no longer be able to obscure the Sun's brilliant light.

Tianming basked in the divine radiance of the Sun, letting it seep deep into his astrons. His mouth felt dry and parched from all the hard liquor he had drunk with Wudi and Lin Xiaodao before their departure. The megasun cast a crimson glow on his white hair and skin as it cruised in Ebonia's direction. "Awaken! It's time to hunt!"

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