Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2043

Chapter 2043

The astralscape was like a treacherous sea of darkness. The nova source worlds that sparkled here and there were the lonely islands in that sea. Or perhaps, they were closer to small reefs. The blackness between them was filled with turbulent undercurrents and countless shoals. There, the deep sea beasts were cosmic wildbeasts that ran wild.

The seemingly calm astralscape was like the sea in that it could suddenly generate a storm and wreck any ships crossing it.

Astralships were those ships. They usually made their journeys alone. Only ‘large islands’ like the Mysterium Cluster could field large fleets that could fearlessly roam and sweep aside all obstacles.

Currently, their large fleet was urgently advancing, kicking up 'sea foam' in their wake. Astralships of all shapes and sizes were all advancing together behind their flagship, each with their own distinct styles. They recorded the knowledge of cultivators and were the crystallization of countless generations of predecessors’ knowledge.

The flagship was at the forefront. It was surrounded by a red mist like its own personal sea of blood. In the center of that sea was a ferocious, blood-colored skull. It wasn’t too big, compared to the scale of the entire astralscape, but it would be massive if it were to descend upon a helical-class world. Just its outer appearance would give people a fright.

The fleet was currently en route to the sun by following the star map. At that moment, grievous news was broadcast from the flagship. “Qiang’s soulstone has shattered! Only two soulstones are left! More importantly, their astralship was destroyed as well!"

A soulstone was a special ore that could store a small fragment of one’s soul. When the main soul perished, the soulstone would shatter. The principle was so simple that even people in the Flameyellow Continent used it. Thus, Qiang's death couldn't be hidden from the mysterians. The entire fleet fell into fury and chaos the moment the news spread.

Within the blood-colored skull was a hall that was filled with bloody runes. In its very center was a giant lake of blood that converged to form a shape. While it lacked any features, like eyes, a nose, a mouth, or ears, there were still some indentations that made it clear it was a face.

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“Sovereign! Qiang has passed!” A dozen odd faceless specter elders were kneeling as they sinisterly spoke. They were all apex experts of the faceless specters, people with great authority that held hundreds of billions of lives in their hands. “Their astralship was likely destroyed, too, which means they were discovered by that Li Tianming or sun emperor and couldn’t escape. Although two soulstones are left, it doesn’t matter.”

“Qiang is an obedient child. He should’ve been careful and hid far away. Unexpectedly, he was still caught, which means this ancient star has given Li Tianming too many unknown methods.”

“Condolences, Sovereign!”

Crimsonjade Qiang was his most accomplished child.

“Discovering Skyway Quadstar was the greatest contribution in our entire history, but he passed before he could enjoy his rewards,” the massive face said in a low tone, his resentment evident.

The elders kept their heads down, not daring to speak.

The blood churned within the lake.

“Sovereign, Skyway Quadstar will definitely leave its original position. We may very well be attacking an empty space now,” someone couldn’t help but remark.

“Yes, I’m preparing to fully mobilize the Skyway Third Fleet. The flagship will go first ahead of the fleet, which will shave off half the time.” The face within the blood was still rather calm.

“Understood.” Within the fleet, the leading blood-colored skull accelerated, turning into a piercing red light that shot forward and threw off the rest of the fleet.

“Sovereign, we still may not catch up. The wonderians can use the Xenoworld to travel much faster. We may make it if we get them to help.”

“This is our fortune, so why are we notifying them to take a share?” the person in the lake of blood coldly said.

“Yes! Your subordinate was simply concerned that the fish would escape our net.”

“A meal that we’re about to eat can’t escape.”

All the elders were relieved when they heard this.

“Pass down my orders. Accelerate the Eye of the Blood Abyss toward Violetglory! We’ll seize control of the star and not let a single person escape.”


“Leave, all of you.”


When the elders had all left, the blood began furiously churning and frothing and bones were washed out. Mad laughter began echoing within the hall that was shrouded in bloody mist and darkness. “So, you killed my son? Fine. I’ll bury your entire star with him.”


The continents on the sun were still shaking as the sun reached its maximum speed. Everyone knew the world below them was moving through the astralscape at high speed, both in order to flee and to find a new path to life. It was a world filled with hope.

The sun didn’t require fine control from Tianming. Even when they occasionally met a bigger obstacle, Wudi would just use the Flameyellow Guard Formation to shatter it, or take a small evasive action.

For men, the pleasure of control could even be felt from riding a horse or waving a sword, so what of driving a nova source world? Even the lazy Wudi was feeling his blood pumping. Thanks to him, Tianming had time to put into the development of the Tianming Dynasty while maintaining his cultivation. While the Omnisentient Threads made him strong, he still understood that his personal cultivation level was his foundation.

There was still another trivial matter during the journey: the Ultimate Pill God. He was a member of the Voidsky Organization and had almost killed Yu Ziqian, as well as nearly brought disaster to Tianming and the sun.

He was still inside Yu Ziqian. Tianming made a trip down when the sun’s advance had stabilized. Yu Ziqian had recovered slightly and could get off the bed to move if he forced it. When Tianming saw him, he was still at the beginning of his recovery and very tired.

“Don’t be like this. Follow me and there’ll be good food and drink to be had. Perk up a little,” Tianming said.

“Do you feel he really has to be destroyed?” Yu Ziqian asked with a sigh.

“What do you think?” Tianming said.

Yu Ziqian was clearly struggling. “He gave me everything.”

“Then he personally destroyed you,” Tianming said.

“I would’ve died long ago if not for him.”

“He’s from the Voidsky Organization. I won’t be at ease if he’s still around, even though he’s just a soul. The sun’s new life must not have any risk of going wrong.”

Yu Ziqian sighed.

“Some people shouldn’t be forgiven. Brother, don’t hesitate. Who pitied you when your body was filled with worms? People who need to die should die, so that they don’t hurt anyone else.”

Yu Ziqian bitterly smiled.

“Have you thought it through?” Tianming asked.

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